Ladies with small bridges..what sunglasses work for you?

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  1. So i'm one of the many asian girls with a small bridge which makes it SUPER difficult to find good fitting glasses that still are stylish. I'm wondering what works for everyone else that has the same problem as me? What sunnies have you ladies purchased latly? I've never gotten a pair of Chanels because I feel like a lot of them are faked but I have seen a few pairs that look nice and wanted some suggestions. I've always stuck to Diors or Bvlgari's.

    Can you suggest some Chanel or maybe non Chanels that work with small bridges?

    Thank you!!!
  2. I got the Chanel style #4117 in black. It also comes in pearl and brown. They have crystals on the sides and I got it at Solstice. They work really well because they have the nose pads and you can adjust it to fit your bridge. HTH
  3. do you find that you can only wear the glasses with nose pads?
  4. Did you ever try the sunnies with camellias on both legs? My mom and sis both have very tiny noses and they say those sunnies are surprisingly comfy. I actually started to collect Chanel sunnies not only because they are cute but how comfy most of them are.
  5. This style is liked by many Asian ladies here too.

    And they come in all different colors, not just in wacky blue ones I have.
  6. Yes, I use the sunnies that only have the nose pads. They fit better and are more comfortable and they don't slide off my face because I don't have a high bridge.
  7. I have very low bridge and I've tried many styles.At last I found this Chanel,it has nose pads also.Thanks God,it works for me.

  8. Do these stay put on your nose pretty well then? These are really pretty
  9. i'm sorta happy i'm not the only one that has a hard time finding glasses. I love when spring comes around cause it means I get to buy sunglasses but then I also feel horrible going to the couters and making the poor SA's grab me a bunch of glasses in order for me to find something that looks nice and fits me. Usually the ones i like never fit right lol. Thank you guys for the pics and suggestions!
  10. you know if you buy from Chanel optical dealer. You can ask for them to install nose pads for you. I got my 3131 optical glasses & I wasn't charged for the nose pads. Though they will screw those pads into the frame, you got to make sure you are picking the one you really want.

  11. ^^ That's good to know, Ceci! I need a new pair of glasses and really love the 3131 glasses but I didn't think they'd stay "up" on my nose!
  12. Ceci does that mean I have to go to an eye doctor? I havent been to one in years.. hmm maybe its a good time to get my eyes checked out lol.
  13. that's such a great idea - screwing in nose pads. i had no idea this was possible. i have a pair of chanel frames that i'd love to put nose pads on. they keep sliding off =(