Ladies with short[er] hair

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  1. I have almost shoulder length hair now, and sometimes I wish I could do more in the way of hairstyles. I'll either use a clip to hold back my bangs or do twists. My hair's naturally straight as well, and sometimes I want to do some loose curls but it usually ends badly and I look like a 12 year old.

    So, what do you all with shorter hair do?
  2. I have about the same length hair as you, I'm interested in hearing some tips! :smile:

    I have been thinking about getting some rollers...maybe the cheap sponge ones? That way I won't be too disapointed for spending much money if it looks stupid! :P
  3. Mine is just past shoulder length now, but it's been above shoulder length for about a year now... I do boring a ponytail, twist or messy bun at least a couple days a week. I wear a lot of headbands (which I wear either with my hair in a side part or pushed straight back). I also have a lot of cute little clips and hair pins-- I'll do a deep side part and clip my bangs off to the side. Or I also pull just my bangs back and clip them in a little pouf sometimes. And I alternate between flat-ironing, wearing my hair a little wavy, etc. just to mix things up!
  4. Yeah, I also tend to wear headbands. I'm not a fan of paying a lot for them though, esp. since I tend to break them. :x Do you have any suggestions for cute headbands? The most I'll pay is probably $25/30. I have a few solid color plastic ones from Forever 21 that are great.
  5. ^ I buy mine at F21, Urban Outfitters, Ulta, Target, Claire's. I even got a Vera Wang one at Kohls that's really cute... I think the most I've ever spent is like $12.99! I saw a cute one in a boutique the other day & when I checked the price tag it was $120-- I almost had a heart attack! lol
  6. well my hair isn't short, but my closest friend has really short hair and she gets bored with often.

    Anyhow, I just I'd pop in this thread and say that American Eagle has some really cute headbands and hair accessories on sale now for around 3 or 4 dollars each, down from around 6 or 7 dollars. last weekend, I just got the cutest ones. I got a purple one with a simple little bow at the top and a black one with the most detailed flower on it. They look like they should last a while, not inexpensive looking at all. And they aren't the hard kind of headband, they are the stretchy kind, which I perfer over hard headbands anyway.

    Also, when I get bored with my hair (even though it's not really considered short) sometimes I go out and buy a bunch of Hair magazines. They're only filled with photos of hair but it gives you great ideas.
  7. Thank you! I'll go to AE this weekend. :] Haven't been there in ages.
  8. Headbands and using scarves as headbands can dress up the hair style.

    H&M has them for $2-4 and they are actually quite comfortable. I use a lot of Pucci scarves as well - they have colorful designs that will brighten up my outfit.
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    Anthropologie always has the cutest, most unique headbands and they seem to be within your price range (though some can be a little more $) I absolutely love going there to check out the hair accessories (I soo want this headband at the moment). They also have great sales. Love JCrew's headbands too - they always have promos going on with their headbands and you can find tons on eBay.

    I had my hair about your length during last fall and I did the whole the whole headband, barrettes, switching the styling of the bangs, ponytails, messy buns, etc. One thing I wish I had played with more when I was bored with my hair is braids. I think that you could totally add a couple braids in your hair (at random places) and then pull it back in a low ponytail. Or do a deep part your hair to the side and french braid one side (the side with more hair) and pin it back behind your ear (I can't find a picture of what I'm talking about right now but I feel like Nicole Ritchie and maybe that LC girl(?) always are pictured with a similar style). OR, you could invest in a GHD 1" styler and give yourself some waves/curl for a bigger change.

    ETA - if you want a different look for headbands, you could always get some bump-its to put behind your headband to give your hair more volume. You can also use them without a headband too. They take some practice but I have grown attached to my bump-it set.