Ladies with "Oil Slick" Sabrina

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  1. I have been dreaming about this bag since I first saw it online, and then even more so once I saw some post about getting it. Well, I saw that it's back online!! Just wondering how you all are liking it and how it's wearing? I'm loving this bag, but it's a bit costly, so I want to be 1000% sure and get your opinions before I take the plunge! Thanks in advance and can't wait to hear your thoughts and opinions.
  2. i rushed to go see it and ran into the fashion patent...holy moly i thought i was having a flash back of being neon and netting in the 80's! lol

    by the way the oil slick is beautimus!
  3. The inlaid op art is showing up again too. I just called CS and both are sold out . She said it's just a fluke in the system that they are on the website.
  4. Well, I called JAX and was able to purchase the last one in the system. She actually said they had several earlier in the day, but when I called they only had 1 left. :nuts:
  5. I ordered one aroiund 2pm cst and they say they had a couple at that time. I cant wait till we get them! YEH!
  6. Seriously?? They were back in the system??? That's GREAT!!! Congrats you guys!! I hope the order goes through...if there is a glitch, I don't know, but let's hope for the best!

    As for wear and tear, I admit I've carried mine quite a lot (for me). I don't have any issues, but I suspect the folding corners could be a concern later on. I just decided to take the risk and not worry about it...and use care and proper storage.

    I would ask for a PCE price adjustment after you get them!
  7. Oh gosh, if this is real, I'm tempted to order a backup... Somebody stop me!!! :sweatdrop:
  8. ((((aHHH....there you have the silver lily i've been lusting after!))))

    i'm an enabler like everyone else on this site baglady...get your bootay on the phone!
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    I called again to check on the inlaid op art sabrina and she told me it was sold out. I had purchased the inlaid and returned it and now I want it again.....:nuts: So I ordered this instead.

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    Thanx Baglady I was thinking I would take it in and get an adjustment. I hope we get them the lady on the phone at Jax said they had a couple I thought I would give it try it doesnt hurt they will just refund you money in a couple of days if it doesnt go thru but they did say they had a couple so I dont know what that means? You never know with Jax? Some how thery just show up! I know you are a collector so if you have the extra doe I would get while you can and if you find down the road you dont need 2 sell it on ebay things are doing well there for some reason! Look at the alantic lily or the ombre sabrinas.
  11. fluffy...what bag is that?????
  12. This is weird because both times I was told it was sold out. I already have mine but I just asked about it when I asked about the inlaid op art.
    I said they are showing up on the website and she said they've been sold out for a while now. :Push:
  13. oh wow I see that I just went to the site but did not see it on there but I went to the link that Carrie posted OMG that is such a pretty bag it really is TDF congrats on you ladies that do own her and the ones that resently purchased her. I only wish I could have a bag like that.
  14. The Heritage tote. I think this one popped back up too because I thought it was sold out a while ago. I'm soooo confused.