Ladies with MJ Key Pouch...

  1. I use it for my ID, CC, and cash when i am taking out a clutch purse and can't fit a wallet inside. I never attach a key.
  2. I use mine for medication, Tylenol, Neosporin (little single-use foil packs, not a tube), and a few Q-tips. It's a nice clean little place to keep small things so they don't go roaming around your bag. ;)

    I have way too many keys to use it for that.
  3. thank you... still thinking.
  4. i think there are really cute, just a little over priced IMO....
  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. I did have my car key on it, but the guy at the dealership said even ONE key and the unlocking hang tag plus the weight of the key case can be too heavy hanging from the ignition and mess it up. Hmmm... not sure if that's true. But I took my key off anyway. Now I use it solely for debit and credit cards. Also, it's ideal to put in the back pocket of my jeans when I'm carrying my son in his carseat. With a diaper bag and a carseat, there's not always a free arm or hand for a purse. This is ideal, too when I'm just running in somewhere and don't want to take my purse... I just grab this. Love it! Highly recommend!
  6. I have that exact one in the link, and I love it! I sold all my LV cles once I received this keyholder, I love it so much - it's slightly bigger than a cles. I attached my house, mail key and my gigantic Volvo key and they all three fit in there along with my starbucks cards, so I just grab it and off I go for coffee...
  7. I agree. If they were under $100, I would probably get one.
  8. ^OT, but that doggie in you avatar is SOOOO cute!!!
  9. Thank you! That's my "daughter" Madison. :heart:

  10. aww! i have a (human) daughter named Madison :heart:

    and 2 fur babies, oliver and lela :smile:
  11. Great question! I wondered about the use for these also.
  12. I'm actually thinking of this key pouch as well! I need something to spend my bloomie's private sale giftcards on!

    I like that it's something I can throw in my pocket and go!
  13. thanks for the info ladies!

    moodysmom i know i am feeling weird about spending the cash on essentially a large keychain. haha

    theyre are some m by mj ones but they are completely not as cute as the collection pouch. i don't mind the totally black one.

    does anyone know what colors the collection key pouch comes in?
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  14. ^ Me too!!!!! I love this thing!!!:smile: