Ladies with MC Aurelia MM

  1. I'm interested in getting one. I'd like to see how it looks, so please post pics of your hot self modeling it! :yahoo:

  2. I have one now for 2 weeks. I absolutely love it.
    The problem is, I don't know how to post a photo?
    Mine is black.
  3. last week i almost bought the Aurelia GM,what stop me from buying it is the shoulder strap ! they are too short for me :sad: ,my SA told me that i am not the only one who complains abt the shoulder straps.......:s she said maybe LV going to make the shoulder straps longer........not comfirm yet...just maybe....:angel:
  4. bump bump :flowers:
  5. I'm also interested in this thread. I haven't heard of many members talking about this and I hardly ever see anyone carrying it but I was always interested in this bag since it first came out.
  6. I also did a search here on the forum for some photo's but came up empty...I'd love to see how this bag looks on someone, particularly the MM model. Anyone out there with this bag?? :shrugs:
  7. I just came from LV yesterday and i tried this bag on in white.........LOVE IT!!!!!:love:
  8. Thanks for posting those....the pictures are great, I love these bags even more now!!! :heart: :tender:
  9. love the black MC more than the white in this particular bag...I think I want it now..nice change from mono canvas....

  10. Yes I agree about the black being nicer than white in this style. :yes: I love the mc line but I'm not too crazy about all the hardware, on some of the bags it's overkill, but that's what I love about this bag and the MC Noe, it's mostly just the canvas w/ a bit of brass hardware!! :love:
  11. :crybaby: I'm getting the MC Aurelia GM in white probably tomorrow or Thursday. Since no one listed a pic of this originally I couldn't make up my mine about the white or the black one. I don't have the convenience of living next door to my favorite LV boutique anymore. So I live vacariously through all you lovely ladies here at the forum.:crybaby: Now that I really see bag IRL here I'm not sure if I will like the color!:crybaby: :yes: :crybaby:
  12. Everyone is soooo beautiful here besides your lovely LVs...:yes: :flowers: I don't think I could carry any LV so graciously sophisticated. All you fashionistas! :yahoo: :yes:
  13. Sure you can...I bet your LV's look absolutely gorgeous on you!!!! I am thinking about the Black MC looks more versatile and it is year round...maybe we will both get one and post...did you check out the pick of the black MC earlier in this thread it looks sooo nice...I am sold:yahoo: ...