Ladies with I color e-rings...thoughts??

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  1. i just received a 2.5 I SI1 ring from whiteflash, and the minute i opened up the box, i could see the color. however, when i wear it around the house, it looks white. the inside of whiteflash's ring box is bright white, which may be why i could see the yellow..

    so, is this normal? this is an extremely well cut diamond and shines like no other. if so, does the color bother you on a normal basis? thanks!
  2. I have a Tiffany's I colored solitaire and it's very white. Unless you put it next to another higher colored stone, you won't notice the tinge. There shouldn't be one if the stone is a well cut stone.
  3. thanks! is your stone around the same carat weight? i think my stone looks white in most lighting situations, but i can see a bit of 'warmth' to it. it is also noticeable from the side, but it is so well cut that it is sparkly most of the time. there is also a VERY noticeable different when i hold it up with my E colored earrings (but i guess that's to be expected).
  4. I have the exact same color and clarity for a pendant and I really like it. Although it is not as sparkly or as bright as my others, I think that its perfect as a nice neck piece to pull my other pieces together.....

    Besides, I didnt pay too much so that also helps.....I say enjoy it, unless you really take time to compare, there not that much difference when glancing at it....

    Enjoy it and congrats!!!!
  5. I have an "I" colored engagement ring and I LOVE it. I actually don't like the icy white. In fact, I'm a big fan of antique old european cut stones that often come in J or K. But that's just me. If it bothers you, then maybe you should go for a G or an H.
  6. I have an execllent cut round 3.67 color I and it looks white to me too.
    Obviously if I'm wearing yellow or in certain yellow lighting it shows color. . . but diamonds reflect the color around them. . . mine looks blue when I go outside!
    I compared mine in person to a G color and almost couldn't tell them apart.
    Here's mine to show how white it looks, 1st photo is inside/warm lighting in an earth tone room:

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  7. as swanky said, if i'm in a poorly lit room (rarely happens but for some reason i ALWAYS notice this in a jewelry store) i can see yellow/dark areas in my stone.
    but 99.9% my ring looks great and shows off a nice white hue to it. i would not go as far and say that it's stark white like paper but it's pretty damn white. also, i love my diamond so much that i really don't see any imperfections, but i know where they are even if you can't see them with the naked eye.

    my e-ring:
  8. thanks for the responses! i do want my ring to be white (not necessarily "icy white"), but i see a 'hint' of yellow in my 'I', especially when in the ringbox (i should definitely tell whiteflash to change their box interiors to black or something not stark white, cause i saw the yellow it the second i opened it:hrmm:).

    swanky- thank you for posting pics of your is absolutely gorgeous and stunning!!!!...and holy mother it is HUGE! it looks very white and beautiful in the pictures. i took some pics of mine, and it also looks white, but IRL i still can't really get over the hint of yellow. my stone was graded by AGS, so i'm assuming it's accurate. maybe i am just extremely color sensitive...:shrugs:
  9. my bf and i went to tiffany's today to compare the different colors, and i can actually see a difference. however, in tiffany spotlighting, it's impossible to tell how 'yellow' it is. i could only see warmth. i don't mind if my stone is not white white, but yellow??:sad: i absolutely LOVE the cut of this diamond, though. it really outshines even the tiffany stones!
  10. swanky! i see that you have the whiteflash box! did you get your stone from wf as well?? if so, when you put your stone in, does it have a very visible yellow tint compared to the box?
  11. some ppl do claim they are color sensititve and can notice an I stone even if it's well cut.
    even in the setting it still appears yellow? what color band/diamonds do you have?
  12. thanks y'all!
    is that the same box they use?
    I bought mine at a local store called Village Jewelers.
  13. it's just a temporary white gold setting (i'm deciding on a final setting still), no side diamonds. i wil try to post a picture

    BTW i love your cushion! it looks extremely white as well!
  14. The only way that I can see the color in my I stone is when I compare it side by side to my F three stone. And it definitely shows even more color in YG setting (that I have since changed).
  15. swanky- the boxes do look similar, but i guess they're not the same. i've attached two pics...can you guys see the tint?

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