Ladies with Gryson bags (any) please post pictures!

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  1. does anyone know if the gryson skyes from spring are supposed to have the little snap on the back of the bag?
  2. Mine has a snap on both sides (back too)
  3. mine doesn't have the snap on them back. it's the teal with white trim. i bought this on ebay some time ago. hmmm. now i don't know what to think.
  4. Momonthegooo, I love that bag. Just for reference, how tall are you, and can you talk about the clasp or closure, i.e., how it works?
  5. Here's my Gryson Sophie. I was saving it for a gift, but finally decided to carry it and absolutely love it! I also have the Tate in cerise which I haven't yet's still all wrapped up in paper and I will probably give it as a Christmas gift.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. I am so excited i just ordered a gryson olivia in black leather at a GREAT price cause of a sale!!! :smile: YAAAY
  7. Congrats! You are gonna looooooooooooove it! :yes:
  8. Here's my Heidi in blue and my Jasper in Woven Rust. I have a Tate in Woven blue, but I don't have a picture of it. I don't know if I'll keep either the Heidi or the Jasper, simply because of their size and weight. They're all stunning bags, and I HATE to give them up, but I really don't need a bag that I can put a pony in right now, like Jasper! :roflmfao:

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  9. ^grace is the jasper hugenormous?
  10. HOT bag! how is the weight? and does it go on shoulder? I've been eyeing the Ava, it looks very similar but smaller.....
  11. Grace123, is the Heidi heavy? What would you think of it as a work bag?

  12. Oh yeahhhhhh! That's the one I'd put the pony in. :P
  13. Heidi is a lightweight, compared to Jasper. It's a little heavy, but managable and it would be a perfect work bag. Since I'm not working outside the house now, I can't think why I bought it, but it's so lovely, I couldn't resist.