Ladies with Gryson bags (any) please post pictures!

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  1. Do the woven leather bags have different handles than the leather bags do?

    Also, I don't know if it's the lighting in that pic, or if it's the woven leather, but that Blue Jean looks way different than the Blue Jean leather bag I saw at Nordstroms. The Blue Jean leather bag doesn't look as blue - it's more of a grayish color (at first glance, I thought it was the military, until I saw the tag). It was still gorgeous though.

    I don't usually like woven leather bags, but I do like the look of that Blue Jean woven leather bag. Does anyone know if the woven leather bags are heavier than the normal leather ones, or are they about the same?

    (honestly, I don't think the Olivia is all that heavy - it's lighter than most of my full size Marc Jacobs bags)
  2. I agree! I dont find my Olivia to be heavy either! There is just something about the way it sits on my shoulder so easily, and snuggles right in to my waist, that makes it feel like its a part of me, not burdensome at all. I have taken note however that the woven Grysons are quite a bit heavier than their non-woven counterparts. I suppose that is only logical!
  3. No pics, but I have three bags: Ava, Skye and Linda.

    I love them all. The leather on my skye is very smooshy, but VERY durable. The leather on the Ava is much sturdier.

    But every bag is different. I saw the newer version of my camel skye and the leather was much more stiff, and the lining was a different color:smile:

    While i wouldn't call these bags heavy, they certainly aren't balenciaga light.
  4. Wow! Absolutely stunning! Which bag is this?
  5. This is the Gryson woven Olivia in blue jean. There is a picture of this on (although I think it may be the Skye) that absolutely makes me swoon!

  6. Luvmybags, Yes the handles on the woven styles are wrapped not braided.
  7. White Olivia:
    Modeling Pic:

    Blue Jean Olivia:
    Modeling Pic:

    **The White I am keeping and the Blue Jean is going back.
  8. I've acquired some new Grysons too. I just adore these bags. Here's my woven Skye in BlueJean and my Tutu in Cerise. I've also had a few bags I sold because they weren't for me. My white Skye, My Sophie, and now I am selling a Jesse and a Lexi (a little too conservative for me). I really wish I would have gotten a Woven Tate. I have the regular Tate in Camel but would love a woven in Rust.

    Gryson1.JPG Gryson2.JPG Gryson3.JPG

    Tutu1.JPG Tutu3.JPG
  9. Lexie, I think your woven Blue Jean is amazing!
  10. Here's a pic of my new Josey that I LOVE!

    Attached Files:

  11. Thanks, It truly is. The color matched with the unique woven leather makes this bag stand out. I get alot of compliments on it. Even people that don't really care for it comment that it is so different. Now If I could get a woven Tate in Rust I'd feel complete.
  12. Kelly, I love that Blue Jean Olivia you're sending back. Can you tell me where you're sending it back and how much it is. Thanks!
  13. so beautiful
  14. The Blue Jean is going back to Nordies. It was 440.90. I am not sure which Nordies it is going back to since I am at my folks' place over the holidays and may or may not get a chance to return it while I am here. If not, I will return to my local Nordies. In any case, I will pm you when I know when/where so you can call them and have it shipped to you - if you want it. :yes: