Ladies with Gryson bags (any) please post pictures!

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  1. I don't live anywhere near a store that sells these bags, and would really appreciate pics!

    Would you say these bags hold up well in general? Is the leather durable or super buttery? I don't want a bag that is too fragile. TIA
  2. I have two currently. I love these bags. I would say the leather is very sturdy and durable. I wouldn't call it buttery although there is one portion on my Tate that is ultra soft. This is my Chocolate Skye & Camel Tate.



  3. Both are drool worthy! It's nice to see how the colours look in your pics. They look much better than the pics on websites!
  4. I just got a gently used Olivia bag, and the bag isn't exactly "buttery" but it is soft, and softer in some spots then others.

    I actually was looking at these bags at Nordstroms, and I was saying (in another post) how every bag is different. Some were smoother (the Blue Jean especially), while others were bumpier and more pebble-y (the white bags). The black and browns appear to have an uneven texture throughout which is a sign of good leather.

    I think they are extremely well made, especially for the price. The lining is also made of an extremely high quality suede - not a suede-like material, or cheaper suede that some other bags use. it cleaned up easily with a suede eraser and the bag looks like its new.

    I can't see anyone being disappointed with a Gryson - they're all so unique and very well made.

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  5. That Olivia is beautiful! Is sure seems like these bags are worth the retail value, especially with the luxurious interiors. I like the leather variation, makes each bag and colour more unique. Thanks for the pictures!
  6. The suede lining makes the bags heavy...the Heidi tote is heavy when it is empty. The Olivia is heavy too... So, I used to want one of these bags...but no longer.
  7. That's interesting. It probably depends on how thick the leather is. I've heard balenciaga bags for example, are lighter weight. I've never seen one irl though.

    I just ordered the Gryson zoe hobo. I thought it seemed to be a good size, maybe slightly larger than the skye. Was also on sale.

    The Heidi tote looks quite large to me, and so does the Olivia. I'm taking a break from larger bags for now, my botkier trigger is already feeling like a lump of lead!
  8. This is my Gryson Skye in Grey. I would not call the leather's a thicker leather...very nice...the suede lining is super and I like the adjustable shoulder straps too. I do find the zipper a little hard but I attribute that to it being new; I'm sure it will unzip a little easier after use. I'm very happy with it!

  9. I recently received the Skye in blue jean and have been dying to take and post pictures. Unfortunately I moved house just last weekend and my digital camera has been lost in the chaos of boxes. I hope to find it soon though!
  10. :drool: That's beauuuuuuuutiful!
  11. I love these...does anyone have a woven leather Gryson? I've been drooling over those.
  12. [​IMG]

  13. That's beautiful! I noticed this one at active endeavors. I love the contrast! I'm glad the leather isn't too thin, I prefer it to be a bit thicker. Thanks for the picture! I love the skye's and hope to get one eventually.

  14. WOW! Beautiful baby! This is the blue jean shade that everyone is raving about, right? Love love love!
  15. ^^^^ OMG that bag is TDF!!!!!!!!:drool: