Ladies with grey bags, do you use it often?

  1. And do you think it is a versatile color, can you wear it with everything? And last question, do you only use it in Fall/Winter or also in Spring/Summer?

    Thanks so much in advance :flowers:
  2. I have the gray reissue and I wear it with everything. The gray is so neutral and wearable.
  3. Thanks anonymous! I've never used to own a grey bag, so it makes me feel a bit unsure about the color.
  4. ITA ... I also have a grey reissue and a dark grey accordian flap! I love grey bags so much that I bought a L.A.M.B. bag in dark grey leather and a Belen Echandia bag in light grey. I find the color looks great with black, grey(of course), pink, purple, yellow and white ... it just works well with my wardrobe! It's a refreshing color!

    I tend to use the darker greys for winter and the lighter shades for the spring/summer.
  5. I struggled with grey. I have a few non-Chanel ones (Zagliani, Prada and a miu miu) and they very rarely get used. I did have a look at the grey reissue, but had trouble thinking what it would go with. I tend to use my non-Chanel ones in the winter with white or pink neutrals. I don't think it works with beige either. It looks odd with black, and wearing it with grey is no good. For that reason i would rather have a different colour just because i know i wouldn't use it.

    That said i do have 2 Chanels in dark silver so does that count?! I tend to mix them with black or grey too as well as whites and creams to lift the colours so find they go with a lot more.
  6. I've been using my grey caviar e/w this winter -- a lot. I wear a lot of black so it's a easy match. My casual jacket (ski) is yellow with black and gray trim, so no brainer there. I will flip purses just to change it up and come summer the white caviar that I got in Oct, will make its debut, finally. (Go greys. I wish I had bought the gray reissue!)
  7. I have the grey envelope flap and use it all the time. I haven't had it during the spring/summer, but I can see myself using it year round.
  8. I have 3 grey Chanel and 2 grey Muse. I love 'em and carry 'em a lot. I wear a lot of black/white so it's an easy fit! I love grey.
  9. i guess it really depends on your wardrobe. for mine, it goes with most of my winter clothes as i tend to wear a lot of black and gray during winter. i have a black gold Le Marais flap which is more like silver but has a hint of gold in it. it is perfect cos it goes with basically everything - gray or beige. i think everyone should have at least one black and one gray bag in their wardrobe cos you can just pull it out whenever you feel unsure about which bag to use. you just can't go wrong with these colors :smile:
  10. i am a HUGE fan of grey, and i've been happy for the last couple of seasons because the color has been very hot! I love that it's a neutral but not plain like sometimes i feel black is. the color feels gritty and kind of bad-as* to me. and in my opinion it can be worn with any color at all. one of my favorite color combos is black and grey. i have an anniversary reissue in grey, but sadly i don't carry it often because i worry that the leather could be easily dirtied. when i do carry it, i hardly focus on anything else except who's standing next to me on the train and making sure they're not carrying coffee or pens or anything! and i definitely don't carry it out to bars! if anyone spilled on it, i'd lose it! :boxing:
  11. Thank you asl_bebes, Poshhoney, Judy, tln, Regina, sofysophia and ambrosered!!

    It makes me feel a whole lot better reading your comments. I know that I'm the one who's supposed to like the color and I do, but liking it and actually wearing it are two different things.
  12. I used to have a grey Chloe Paddington with slate blue undertones and thought it was the most fabulous color ever. I live in Denim and the color matched pretty much everything in my closet. Grey is very wearable and I find it to be a nice change from basic black.
  13. I agree that grey is very easy to wear. I'd wear it year-round if I could except I have the grey reissue and I don't ever wear it out unless it's a nice day... and living in a city that has all 4 seasons - it's tough!

    Also agree with the comment that a darker grey would work well in the winter and lighter ones in spring/summer.
  14. I worn my grey reissue and grey lambskin jumbo during the summer -- add a little pink, yellow or purple along with grey to my work clothes (usually black suit/white blouse). Now, I'm wearing grey flannel/wool Chanel camera bag or Muse b/c they're heavier and more F/W. Am also wearing grey with chocolate and have worn dark purple with dark grey suit. Grey w/red would be nice.

    the only color I can't think of a nice combo with green but I'm sure there's a shade of green that would go .... right??
  15. I do have to say that there are some good color combinations mentioned here which I haven't even thought about before.

    Thanks for your advice and inspiration!