Ladies with both the Stam and Blake...

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  1. I can't decide between the two although they are both very different. I want an everyday bag and am definitely going to get one of the cream color variation (not sure which yet). :confused1:

    So I was wondering which one you find yourself using more?

    Thanks so much.
  2. The Stam is heavier and more business casual. It's not as hardy for everyday use. You have to be careful with the strap because it's heavy and you don't want to lay it down on top of the bag when you're not using it. I can toss my Blake around like luggage and it still looks nice. Just a thought...
  3. Thanks! I guess I will figure it out when I see them IRL to compare.
  4. I agree, I think the blake is more versatile for every day use, and it can keep you more organized. If you don't mind the chain, or don't plan on using it, then you can use the Stam daily too, but IMO, it's just not as pretty without the chain.
  5. I vote for the Stam - it's such a gorgeous bag!!!! Sure, it's not the most practical for everyday use, but it's worth it - it's soooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!
  6. The blake is more everyday, but I LOVE the stam. I wore it for 3 weeks in a row when I first got it. It didn't matter what I wore. I was using my stam.
  7. stam! stam! :yes:
  8. I am a proud owner of Blake, I wear mine very often. I bought a black Stam from Nordstrom a while ago but ended up returning it, that's just me though. I love bags in cream, Stam is available in White Chiffon and Blake comes in Tapioca this season. :love:

    Weigh and style vary from person to person. My good friend uses her Blush Stam very often, she doesn't think her fully loaded Stam & Paddy are heavy. She's known for loading up her bags though. =)

    I would recommend trying both Stam and Blake at your local store, go with what you are comfortable with. You can also test them out at home before deciding. Good luck. =)
  9. the tapioca blake is loooovely. i love my cream/ivory/pearl (this is still a mystery) 2005 stam and would not replace it for the world (mainly because of the georgeous leather) and i do not think it is heavy at all. but i am slowly warming up to blake. i have a similarly constructed bag ( gucci 2004) and it does keep your things organized and kept it from being knocked around, scratched and dented. the more 'organic' shape of the stam gives you a different look, and different functionality. so i guess (1) what kind of a look do you like for yourself (2) what kind of functionality are you looking for at the moment (3) do you care how / what the leather / other material is for this bag - rate these 3 criteria, and then go to the store, touch and feel (smell?) the leather, and carry and see how you look with each. who knows, the colour alone might make the decision for you :P
  10. I forgot to mention that many people find Stam/Blake very heavy, some get back pain from carrying them. These are not recommended everyday bags for fans of light bags from Balenciaga, LV (canvas), or Prada (nylon ones). I was just mentioning my good friend as an example of someone who's used to heavy bags.

  11. Yea, you can't be a punk to carry around these bags. I don't notice the weight, but so many people talk about how heavy they are. When you go to the store, put ALL of your everyday items inside of the bag and check the weight.
  12. back pain...? wow. hmm. i have carried bags about this weight almost all my adult life. maybe this is why i have back problems now :P i found that if you love a certain kind of bag, a certain kind of feel and look, the weight seems to come with the territory. good luck and let us know which one you pick! (get both!)
  13. I love the Blake - I prefer it for an everyday bag. The Stam is lovely, but I don't have one.

    I do find my Blake heavy, though. Most of my bags are lightweight, so the MJs do take some getting used to. I switch out my bags a lot though, so my back and shoulders are able to get a break.
  14. my vote is the blake--I just returned my Stam--I loved her but boy was she heavy---you really dont notcie how heave until the day is ending and your back is killing you---
  15. i suppose stam's chain doesnt help