Ladies with Beige, Caramel, Golden Sable, or Beige-rose Birkins please help!

  1. My goal for this year is to save up for a birkin by Christmas. I know that I want a light brownish shade but can't decide on which color to go for. I am thinking of crocodile leather with gold hw. Could any one with beige, caramel, golden sable, or beige-rose birkins (or any shade of brown) post pictures of your bags and indicate the name of the color please? I've never had a chance to see these bags IRL, just color swatches and imagination so pictures would really really help. Thanks soo much, your help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. jen, well, I know that Beige-Rose wasn't offered this time around, and hasn't been for a little while, so you might want to cross that colour off your list. The lighter colours in croc are much harder to come by, and there is a shortage or Porosus croc skins at the moment. I'd try the socialites thread, or the members ref. thread to see some pics, but I don't know how successful you'll be with those colours. They're very sought after, and not very plentiful!
  3. Thank you! sigh, beige rose was my first choice. But it's okay, actually a bit comforting to know that the light colors are not offered this me plenty of time to prepare myself emotionally when the time to shell out over 30k for a bag really comes!
  4. ^^^ Wow! That's alot of money for one bag! The Hermes bags are so beautiful - I just wish I had enough in the bank to even get the 'cheapest' one available. I must admit that I know very little about Hermes, but it's definitely something I'm looking at for the future. :smile:
  5. You should also check Aspenmartial's collection, she has a bunch of croc bags.
  6. or sakara , she has a lot CROC;) ;)
  7. Hi everyone! i have heard of beige rose but is there such a colour called beige pale? Please advise.. Thank you!!
  8. There is a color called "Maiz/Mais" which is a light yellowy-beige and comes in matte croc.
  9. Thanks Wingnut!! only matt croc? no other leather? :smile: