Ladies with an origan bag...

  1. Is origan a light enough color so that the handles darken with use? Thanks so much for the help!
  2. i think so- i've seen bordeaux bags w/ really dark handles and it was pretty noticable. origan is pretty light, but i think you can prevent it to a certain degree by spraying the handles with applegarde
  3. honestly, i think the handles on any color b-bag but black, will most likely darken unless maybe the AG spray prevents it :smile:
  4. I sprayed my Origan handles really well with Applegard (3 light coats dry 30 minutes between each coat) and I haven't seen any darkening yet. I think the spray really helps.
  5. Yes, I think Origan is light enought that it would darken if not sprayed. I sprayed my bag once. I'm reluctant to spray it too many times, so I've decided to just monitor it now and see if i think it needs another coat.
  6. IMO, the best preventative is ... NEVER carry your bag by hand. always use the shoulder strap.
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