Ladies With 2.55 Black W/gold

  1. Should I bid on this bag from eBay now since we're not really sure if it's being released again this Spring? I don't want to miss the chance to own this it alot.

    These are pics of the 226. Does this bag look new to you or used? And can you tell me what the original price was? TIA
    37db_12[1].jpg 377f_12[1].jpg 3938_12[1].jpg
  2. When I got my 226, it was 1995.00 US. That was the 2005 edition. I know they have gone up in price since then.

    Is this the anniversary edition? If that matters to you, it will have the 2005 stamp inside--kind of cool. I would ask questions about the condition of the bag--are there scratches inside and/or outside and where--and additional pictures would be a good idea.

    The bag looks good. I have one, and I love it! If this one is in the kind of condition you are happy with, and the seller has excellent feedback, you might want to bid on it. Perhaps you should post the link to the auction in the "authenticate this" thread just to get some more input.
  3. Hey trendy:

    I know whose bag this is-- I've seen it on eBay several times already. When it was first listed, I wanted to purchase it but refrained for some reason. I just had a weird feeling about it. The seller soon ended the listing and then re-listed it with a description about how the bag had a really strong perfume smell and she had it in baking powder (?) to get the smell out. I think after that, most people lost interest. I noticed that in her most recent auction, she does not mention the smell. I'm guessing she figured out that no one wanted a bag that smelled, albeit it could be a nice perfume smell, but still..

    Plus, she has been raising the price of that bag every time she has re-listed. I think she has been getting her hopes up about selling it for an extraordinary price since the bag got a lot of interest the first time it was up. I personally LOVE this bag but I wouldn't bid on this one. There are a couple others up on eBay right now- they seem to be better.

    Good luck!
  4. x joie, that is very helpful information.

    The bag looks fine from the pictures, not too used or anything. If you had to have it, in spite of everything...
  5. You're right xjoie, I've seen this listing a couple of times already and I was just saying the same thing to Honeybunch in her thread. It is weird indeed that I had actually offered a price to buy the bag last time it was listed but the seller WITHDRAWN it saying that after 3 failed attempts to sell the bag, she guessed it wasn't meant to be sold....and now she just listed again with the price increased. What a joke! I'll probably contact Chanel 800 and see if they know for sure it'll be released again in Spring.

  6. Yup, I asked if she had a BIN the second time she listed it and she said that it was $2500. The third time, she said that she did not have one because it was so in-demand. I was a bit peeved.

    I've heard rumors that the black will be re-released. Also, there is another 226 on sale on ebay right now. I'm sure if you wait, you will find your dream bag. :flowers: