Ladies who own Pale Pink b-bag: How do u like it?

  1. I am just worry that the color will fade. May as well get a white b-bag...But pink is sooo pretty! :yes:
  2. ^^I own a pale pink city and I LOVE this color!! It hasn't faded at all and it looks so pretty with everything! I can't say enough great things about this color bbag! :heart: :love: :heart:
  3. This is an awesome awesome color. The pink is so pretty and definitely does not fade....The white kinda gets a little grey with age....:yucky:

    I love the pink:love: :love:
  4. I agree, the white gets a little grey with age. I bought the white in a first about half a year ago and I have only used it a handful of times; it's already not as white as it used to be.
  5. Interesting! I didn't know white will change color too.

    Pewter: How often do you use your pink bag?
  6. 2 SA's at Balny advised me NOT to get the Rose Pink because it will yellow and fade no matter how careful you are. Thats why there is no pink on the 2007 color list I was told. I have also heard it will fade from other PFers who sent me messages when I inquired about it on here also. HOWEVER, I just ordered one from Neimans because I love the Pink. The minute I see fading or yellowing, it goes on ebay.
  7. picked up my pale rose twiggy earlier this year, been using it quite often. Nothing has happened so far, been spraying each time tho!
  8. my pale rose first is fine so far, no fading as far as i can see, and it's lovely to me =). i apple garded it so it's had no problems staining or darkening at all so far.

    and even if it did fade and yellow, then, to me, as long as it's not blotchy, it's just another shade of pale pink with a touch of cream, still lovely.

    anyway lots of bbag colours change with time, and actually become lovelier that way, like a "marbling" or "3D" effect of the dye, it makes the leather colour in bbags much more profound and lovely than the flat surface colour of other leathers; it's what makes them lovelier with age than when brand new on the shop floor. i much prefer well aged bbags to shiny new ones.

    also, i'd say there's a big difference keeping a pale colour looking nice than an actual white coloured one. white has to be pristine to look alright; light colours can take on light shading and still look nice.
  9. Donna, I was told the exact same thing. She could have sold me the pink and made a sale, but she flat out said I do NOT think you should get the pink, there are problems. Too bad too becaue I really wanted the pale pink.:sad:
    my friend has a pink and it faded and looks blotchy in some places. I thought hers was rose but it is the bubblegum pink. I wonder why some colors fade or yellow on Balenciagas but not on other bags? Maybe because the leather is so TDF soft?
  10. I didn't know bubble gum pink will fade too :wtf: I was planning to either get a pale rose & bubblegum pink. Now, I really have to think about it. :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  11. Oh my god i love pale pink!
  12. Me too. Actually, I am still considering because I love that color. Her bubblegum got splotchy. Lighter in some places and not good splotchy. It doesn't look aged with character, it looks funny. NOW this may be one thing that does it. She lives in South Florida. The sun is intense and she has even taken it to the beach. Possibly the sun does it? Humidity? I don't know. I will get her to send me some pictures and I will post them here so that you can see. It didn't yellow, it just got very pale in some places. You'll see what I mean.:yes:
  13. I saw a dusty/pale rose at richard kidd in vancouver and it was so white I thought it was calcaire until I noticed the pink threading on the handles. It was very pretty but wasn't even close to what the color was supposed to be.
  14. I love the pale pink. I own a day in it. Of course some will fade, but mines hasn't and I've had it since february of last year.
  15. I have the pale pink and it's faded and blotchy. So if you don't want to risk it, I would not buy pale pink.