Ladies who makes your favourite push up bra?

  1. I need one desperately! lol, thanks xx
  2. Victoria's Secret
  3. Victoria Secret.

    JcPenny has some good ones too. They have like two inches of padding.
  4. Victoria Secret embrace push up bra or very sexy push up bra.
  5. I don't wear push-ups (got D cups already), but the best support and lift at a reasonable price, Victoria's Secret, defnitely.
  6. calvin klein for me. i am not a fan of victoria's secret.
  7. Target sells a push up bra with gel padding that gives amazing cleavage. I like it WAY better than a similar bra I got at VS and it cost me half as much.

    Wonderbra makes some great basic push-ups for everyday. These are what the VS miracle bras are modeled after. Great quality, perfect fit and you can get some really good deals on them.

    My favorite sexy/fancy bras are made by a brand called Jezebel. They carry them at

    I worked at a lingerie store in the past and I honestly think Victoria's Secret is overrated. The bras are decent, but they're nothing great... The sizing is all over the place and the quality is not that good. They're very overpriced for what you get IMO.
  8. I wear Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Collection
  9. Gap Body!! I'm wearing it right now.
  10. ^^ i got that bra before and absolutely hated it actually. i bought it w/o even trying it on because it just looks like it would be perfect, since i generally get VS very sexy bras...but for some reason, this bra was like the opposite of infinity edge for me. the edges would sort of flare up...just enough so that under relatively thin clothing you can see the edges of the bra. i didn't even realize it until someone actually made a comment. i was totally embarassed and never wore it again. i can imagine that bra to fit perfectly for people though, but again it may depend on the person/body i recommend trying on before purchasing...
  11. Calvin Klein all the way. I don't like VS at all, because their bras really cut into me - with Calvin Klein, there's definitely some push-up action, AND I don't have to worry about hurting woman parts. :tup:
  12. VS for me too
  13. ty!! *hugs*
  14. Victorias Secret Very Sexy Secret Embrace ones. I even use the silicone padding they sell to insert under the bra and it gives even MORE cleavage and looks believable, not like you got surgery over night or something!