Ladies who know me I really need your help here!

  1. Any one who I have sent my speedy pics to or know me well, would you please let texaschic know, your opinions on my auth. items for sale. She would like this bag but has been really burned in the past with fakes:sad2: . Thanks Everyone!!!:biggrin:
  2. Ok. So I re-sized the pics you sent me...let me know if they show up ok....:amuse:
    sell2.jpg sell3.jpg sell4.jpg sell.jpg
  3. nice speedy!
  4. Wow! great job posting texaschic! I wish I could figure out how to do this.
  5. very very nice....looks like mine...hehehe
  6. Ayla...... where are ya? I we need your expertese :smile:
  7. Is it normal for the MC speedy 30's to get wrinkly.?
  8. :shame:

    Hello ! School was keeping me away from my home.. here. :P

    Everything on the MC speedy looks good, would it be possible to post a close-up picture of the "clochette" (with the stamp) ? Just to show that this is indeed an authentic bag. I have no reason otherwise to doubt that this is a fake though.

    Plus ranskimme is indeed an authentic bag conneiseur, her theda that she has up for sale is just gorgeous !
  9. Hi ayla,
    the stamp inside reads: SP1003 Hope this helps everyone :smile:
  10. Just wanted to let you know, When I took these pic. I had just taken the purse out of its dust bag. And I didnt have stuffing in it. I stuffed it before I placed it back in its dust bag, its now wrinkle free:biggrin:
  11. will you post wrinkle free pics, soon? :love: once again, thank you for doing this.;)
  12. I'll try. I need my dig. camera:wacko: Cant tell you how soon it will be:sad2:
  13. Nice pics :biggrin:
  14. Looks good,

  15. best why to keep it from look like that is to use a purseket.. it helps it keep its shape. No more digging into the bag( its got pockets to put small items in) plus putting cardboard on the bottom of the bag keeps it from sagging :smile: