Ladies who is looking for BI City........

  1. OK, my SA just called me from NM and they have only one BI in City and holding it for me.:jammin:But I don't want it, if any one interested let me know so i can have them hold it longer than a day and you can call and get it.:love:
  2. Any one? no one wants it? it is still on hold for me.:smile:
  3. petitcherie might, i'll ask her!

    edit: nevermind i'm a dumbass, she wants ink..
  4. Hi, is it still available ? Do you know how much would it be ? I would be interested !! Please let me know
  5. The City is $1195 and i am sorry it is no longer available.:crybaby:Please try calling NM at Paramus NJ. :yes: They had gotten the BI in City too. Good luck!