Ladies who have ordered at activeendeavors before

  1. I have a silly question. If I have an online code, where should I put it?

    thanks :flowers:
  2. I order from them all the time - after you enter credit card info. you will be directed to confirm your order (size, etc.) there is a space on that page for promotional codes.
  3. oh okay. thanks.

    coz i found some promotional codes, although wasn't sure which one would work with the item i have.. or if the code will ever work.
  4. What did you order? I just ordered a Gryson Chocolate Skye from them yesterday and used a 20% coupon code - I hope there wasn't a better discount out there that I missed. :rolleyes:
  5. I ordered a sweater dress from them last week and the 20% off code toutie works for me. I know they don't accept coupons for some items though...
  6. I used the toutie code as well - thankfully it worked!
  7. i was thinking of getting the kooba ada (although i've already been told that it's heavy) just because it's on sale. and i want to try if the code will work on that :lol:

    but now that i've checked the page again, there's the kooba lena.. :drool:
  8. Discount codes dont' apply to their sale items..or to Kooba. I think each Kooba description states that....
  9. oh. yeah you're right. i overlooked that one. bummer.
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