Ladies who have Annie...

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  1. Do you get any comments on her? I've worn her to the mall twice now and haven't even had anyone eying me. :cry: When I wear my silver lurex Hailey I get all kinds of comments on her!

    The SA's haven't even asked me if I like my bag when I go into the Coach store, and they almost always do when I wear my Hailey. It makes me wonder if the SA's even recognize her as a Coach... It's possible that my store didn't get any in...

    It just kinda bums me out that I have this awesome bag and no one even looks at her. Is that wrong of me? LOL I know you ladies here love her.. but it isn't quite the same!
  2. You shouldn't carry a bag because someone else may like have to love it!! And besides, you've had it for two short days...give it some time!! People outside of tPF may not have the same appreciation for that bag as we do...and I could compliment you all day long!!
  3. #3 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
    It's just really weird by comparison that my Hailey is getting many more compliments than what my rarer bag is, I suppose.

    I like to hear that other people like my bags, it makes me feel better about my purchases! LOL Like I did a really good thing for myself, you know?

    I like her a lot, and in time I think I may very well love her! I'm having a hard time right now with the saddle-flap thing, whatever you want to call it, it's kind of in the way and makes her awkward to get into.. but once I get used to it I'm sure I'll have no problems.

    I also may move my wallet to the front pocket from the back zippered compartment in the rear pocket.

    This does make me want to get a medium sized Maggie though... I love having three separate compartments for my stuff!


    Just do add -- I do enjoy carrying her, and am still getting used to her size. I carried her around all day today and am a bit sore from it, and I don't have much in her. I also love all of the space that I have in her!
  4. Of course we want other people to love our bags! It's very validating. But look at all the bonafide Coachies who died over your find yesterday? You had people in a complete frenzy!

    Most people who "like" Coach like the signature print. They eat that up with a spoon. For every leather coach bag I see, I see 6 signature joke. So I would chalk it up to people instantly being able to recognize the bag and feel comfortable commenting on it...they know what bag you have, with no doubt. But Annie doesn't scream may be confusing them!

    People love that's amazing.
  5. I love all of her details! And she's so shiny!

    I'm assuming I can't condition her because she's metallic? I posted in the Apple thread but haven't gotten a reply yet. I'd like to rain/stain her too, if I can. I don't usually do leather bags at all... but I do like metallics!

    Leather is starting to grow on me now, though. It's interesting how our styles can change in just the span of a few months, isn't it?

    I never liked UGGs either... but now I have a pair of those too! LOL
  6. hmmm its nice to be noticed at the FP store I had my xl garnet with chain.. and I had the skull charm on it and she said OH nice coach charm on your bag she had no idea it was one of their bags I thought it was funny then she preceded to go on and on to my daughter who had the tartan tote how nice it was and oh see all the new poppy.. lol just funny to me..
  7. :lolots: That's funny! I bet it stung a little though, eh?
  8. Today, for instance, I went to the boutique with my inlaid Peyton and the SA inmediately noticed my bag and said, "how are you loving your new limited edition peyton? I have had many calls asking for that one"
    it felt quite good!
  9. I've never got a comment on any of my leather Coach bags... but I carry them because I like them :smile:

    I had a signature Carly before, and I must say I felt a bit conspicuous carrying it, like I was showing off or something....?

    Your bag is a beauty!!
  10. Your bag is such a beautiful unique Coach handbag that even some of the most seasoned Coach SA's might not be familiar with it, so just know you are carrying something very special.That's all that matters. Enjoy that gorgeous handbag in all her glory!!
  11. Thanks ladies! :heart:
  12. Annie was only carried in Flagship Boutiques, so maybe your local SAs aren't familiar with her. Since you've only carried her twice, someone will eventually notice and you will enjoy the compliment when it comes!

    Wear what you L:heart:VE, because you L:heart:VE it!
  13. I never get comments on my bags, but that's ok because I like them and that's all that matters :biggrin:
  14. Hmmm I definitely don't carry bags to get other people's attention, if I love it, thats all that should matter... the thing is, I've came to the point that I don't care if other ppl know its a coach bag or not, if its a bag that suits me then so be it, other opinions shouldn't matter... thats just IMHO
  15. I am wih the others don't be bummed about lack of bag recognition - you have a great bag enjoy it. Besides a lot of the SA's don't know sometimes.