Ladies who are interested in the Monogram Lockit Bag....Info!

  1. I just got off the phone with Vuitton and they said....

    NO clochette with the mono lockit bag!!!!! :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I love the clochette look, it's so classy and adds a little something special to the bag I think.

    But, it's not coming with the mono lockit. Oh well.

    Just wanted to let you all know because I know many of you are interested in this bag.
  2. OH THAT'S SAD!!! The clochette makes it look so classy! So if it's not on the clochette, you just keep your keys in the bag?? boring.....

  3. I guess so!!! I know, right! I said to the lady, "well, where do you keep the keys then?" she said, "where ever you want to" I wanted to say....I want to keep them in a CLOCHETTE!!!!!! Argggg!
  4. Of course, I wonder if we could call vuitton and say "I ruined my clochette that comes on my MC Speedy, can I get another one?" I bet we could. I'm gonna try it!!!!
  5. oooooh tell us how that goes!!! I bet they can send you one for some $$$ but that's not too bad!
  6. WEll, IT WORKED!!!!!

    They are calling stores to see which one has the "spare part" and they are going to ship it to me!!!!

    Yay!!!!! I love how the clochette looks on the Suhali so I sooooo wanted one for the mono lockit!
  7. Yay! So did they charge you for it? How much?

  8. I don't know yet. She said that if they don't have it in a store that they may have to order it from Paris. Then it would take 2 weeks for me to get it. I didn't even ask how much, just gave them my cc info!! I figure how much could it be for a spare part right? I'll let you all know when the girl calls me back.
  9. In other news, tr444 notices a strange charge for $2000 on her next credit card statement for "replacement parts" . . . :wtf:!
  10. What is a clochette? Pics please.
  11. The hanging key storage thingy is the pic below..
  12. How much will the mono lockit be?
  13. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH Thank you!!!!
  14. :roflmfao: The replacement parts will cost more than the bag, haha!

    That is dissapointing they won't come standard though! Maybe when LV gets 500 calls from members here requesting one, they'll add them.
  15. May be they won't charge you anything but if they do I would say around $60 .Name tag cost around $45