Ladies who are familiar with vintage Celine please help

  1. Dear cottoncat

    Thank you so much!!! I really look forward to your photos.
    By the way, are these box bags very handy? Easy to use? Do you like them more than the current box bags that are out there?

    I usually prefer silver hardware with all my accessories in white gold, but I understand most vintages are in gold. Are the gold buckles not too loud? In a way, the gold could be considered more glam where silver could look more casual???

    I do hear Japanese eBay sellers are rather reliable. May I ask which seller you had bought your vintage celines from?

    Also, I am trying to figure out whether a Chanel 2.55 might be nicer? Any thoughts on those?

    Appreciate all your insights. Thank you so much!!!

  2. Here are a few photos of two different vintage box bag


  3. Oh, thank you so much for posting these pictures. It is so hard to get the Celine bags authentified. I have the one with the black lining. I think the one with the red lining is a bigger version? You can use this one cross body, but the one with the black lining you can only use on your shoulder. And, if the bag is a true vintage I don't think they faked these as much, of course now days they sometimes say it is vintage whrn in fact it is a faked new one, made to look like a vintage. Oh that is soo bad! :shucks:

  4. Thank you Cottoncat! those are great tips.
    One should also look at the details of the bag, eg. the stiching on the leather should be straight and pretty darn perfect.
    I uploaded a pic of the gold charm on the zipper.
    bag01.JPG IMAG0191.jpg
  5. I just got one in burgundy from docride~ I'm sooo excited~

    This one in particular is in awesome condition~~~
  6. Red lining is fabulous~~
  7. looks good. authentic and beautiful.
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    This looks consistent with a vintage Celine box - i'm no expert but I do have a small collection of these vintage box bags.

    There were several styles of box bag, several styles of hardware used on them too, also the 'stamps' varied in their wording and positioning.
    The gold Celine logo that dangles from the internal zip can be missing because these are preloved bags and some owners don't take as much care of their bags as others - these points need to be remembered.
    A very good place to study all this is the Reference section within this subforum.

    EDIT:Good Lord, just seen this is an old thread.
    OP, if you're still around and reading this - how is your vintage collection coming along ??
  9. Hi all

    Just found this forum, spent hours reading posts!

    I am looking for advice also on a vintage Celine bag, not authenticity more information on the bag and possibly an original and current value. I have acquired a few vintage bags from my aunt, all vintage designer and wanted values for insurance but also info out of interest.
    The celine bag is a brown monochrome with the horse and carriage clasp.
    I have probably posted in the wrong area but i cant seem to start a new thread.
    Any help gratefully received.