ladies, what's your favourite outlet store to shop at? i just came back from woorbury

  1. my very first time there.
    i absolutely adore the DVF shop, betsey johnson, bCBG for dresses and the gucci store have some good deals. was most impressed by the banana republic outlet, everything's os cheap, but good. theory was "cheaper" than regular prices, but the discounts weren't that good. since it's hard to get theory on sale in canada, i still bought a few items.

    you american gals are sl lucky, lots of outlet malls and stores to shop at. there aren't so many of these in canada.
  2. i thought the armani and tod's stores were the best at woodbury. they had the best sale and selection while i was there. my mom also went crazy at st.john because it was marked down so much. she got a pair of ridiculously soft cashmere pants for $30.
  3. wow that's a great deal. i wish i lived close enough to go frequently. seriously, we never get this kind of deal in canada. it really sucks
  4. i go there atleast once a month, it's only 30 minutes away from where i live. You can even sign up to be a VIP and get a free book with some coupons in it. Membership is free.
  5. The True Religion outlet has great deals, some jeans are marked down to $85 each.

    The Christian Dior outlet is usually excellent as well, especially when they are having a sale.

    You CANNOT go wrong with the Off Saks (Saks outlet)...there's something for everyone there.

    Those are my faves.
  6. Off Saks is my favorite and so is Banana Republic. When Off Saks has there 30 percent off coupon I always go and check out the stuff they have.
  7. I was there this past weekend too at Off saks and they had vince hoodies for only $50.00 and yaya tops for $40 and I scored a DVF dress for only $129!!!!!
  8. Ohh you just came back from woodbury. Did you go into the Jimmy Choo Outlet?? Any good deals?

    My favorite outlet store would be the Barney's Outlet store.
  9. Tell me about it!! This is so frustrating to me!!

    I'm from Arizona and frequently shop in Cali and Vegas. Canada is soooooo much more expensive. Not to mention 14% tax in Toronto!! And nothing like Off 5th, Last Call, or Nordies Rack. Nothing!!!

    Every time I go back home, I am shopping tornado!!! Can't wait to go back, lol.

    Did you drive down to Woodbury Commons? I need someone to go with desperately!
  10. i like off 5th and nordstrom rack. neiman marcus last call has good stuff sometimes too. but the first two are my two favorite stores of all time!!
  11. i live near woodbury too and LOVE it!!! i've gotten some really great deals in chanel and burberry. it's really hit or miss though. i have an off 5th near my house (not the one at woodbury) where i've found alot of cute shoes and accessories, but i don't usually do well with clothing there.

    i've been to a nordstrom rack in long island, but wasn't thrilled with the selection there, so i stick to my off 5th, and trips to woodbury for the best deals!
  12. Oh, I forgot! A Tory Burch store just opened at Woodbury too! I got a pair of Reva flats for $160, so cute!
  13. I was there while I was in NY. I didn't find the jimmy choo store great-I was hoping to get something there but didn't see anything that I really liked. Found a great georgio armani skirt in off saks and a pair of fendi shoes and I got some make up and that's about it. I had brought out a rucksack so I was hoping to buy a bit more
  14. Around here my fave's are Burberry,and Armani. Too bad they are at 2 different malls.
  15. My fave is Banana Republic for sure...