Ladies, what's the colour of this Edith??

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2009
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    I have never seen this colour before but really like it so I BIN ed it. It's sold at a fairly low price for £170. The seller said it was purchased a couple of years ago at HOF. I wonder what's the name of the shade and in which year it was released?

    Your thoughts are much appreciated.:confused1:
  2. To me it looks like the olive green version they did - which is sort of a smokey color
  3. Thank you daisyrockyrosie. I don't think I've ever seen a colour like this before though, I thought this was dyed, lol.:P
  4. Inst it the grey that Lescoy has or is this one greener?
  5. Strangely, it doesn't look grey from the pictures, it's more of a subtle olive colour? I haven't seen lescoy's Edith though, guess I will have to take some more pictures myself after I receive it.

    Could it be a fake? :s
  6. Have you checked the Edith lovers' thread?

    I am not an expert, but it doesnt look like a fake. Have it checked in the ATC thread as soon as it arrives, though!

    I love my Edith... It is a classic!
  7. Thanks mariabdc, I will go through that thread now and see if I can find one of the same colour. I don't think it's a fake neither judging from the pictures, but I will definitely post pictures up on the ATC thread once it arrives!

    I'm glad you like your Edith and I can see myself getting plenty of use from it as well.;)
  8. You will.... This is such a staple, classic bag without being boring. An eye-catcher, as well... and very lightweight for a Chloe, which is really nice!
  9. gris vert is the name of the olive color the edith was release in, to me this is the color I see from your picture, there was a grey edith, but that was more a taupe/stone color and lighter than the one you have bought...

    I am still guessing it is an olive color if the seller has the original tags there should be a color name on the tag...
  10. I was thinking gris vert as well... i am certain Lescoy posted pics of her a short while ago...
  11. Dying a chloe ??? I don't think anyone on here has ever done it... that would be an interesting thread, I know the Bal girls do it with theirs from time to time...
  12. Yeah I got the idea after visiting Bbag forum. It seems like a lot of girls there dye their Bbags, I'm not sure I'd ever do that to any of my bags but it seems interesting.

    I searched high and low over this forum but haven't seen any Edith of the same colour so far, as to gris vert, someone posted a picture (below) but it looks nothing like this bag. Has there ever been a colour called "Olive" or so?:nuts:
  13. Looks like Mastic - I had a Mastic one that I sold last year, and it was a taupe-gray-green color with black stitching - very nice combo.
  14. Hi Ilson, I checked the Mastic colour on the forum and that colour seems more like cream? Whilst this one has greeny undertones. The seller said she only had the dustbag when purchased this didn't have the tags etc. and she's never seen anyone else having Edith in this particular colour neither.

    I'd have it thoroughly checked on ATC once it arrives! :wtf:
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    ^^The Edith Mastic does greenish undertones, sometimes the Chloe colors can vary depending on the style of bag, leather, etc. I have 3 of the OR color bags, a quilted Bay, front pocket Paddy, and regular Paddy, and they are all different colors of gold. You bag may be a different color, possibly roche, but I've included a pic of mine, including my Roche Bay and Nuage Capsule tote. (the only one I have left is the Bay.)
    BTW, this pic was taken with a flash, so the color could be a bit off.

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