Ladies, what's our thoughts on Mini Love Me?

  1. First, I just want to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas.

    As the new year approaches, I"m getting excited to read about everyone's new BE purchases between the sale and new styles. Can't wait.

    I thought this might be a fun thread to start tonight. What does everyone think of the new Mini LM? I know it's hard without seeing a picture. But, we do have the aprox measurements of 12 inches wide by 8 tall (without the straps).

    I'm thinking this will either be the "perfect" size when we are just running to the store for a quick errand, let's say OR it might be too small. The love me is such a "major" handbag with all the hardware etc.. that it might not look appropriate with smaller dimensions. Hmmmm, I guess I"m not much help here.

    I"m definetely intrigued by the mini LM and think I"ll probably give it a try.

    I wonder what the grey with sheen looks like?
  2. or wine crash!!!
  3. I also posted in the LM thread. I'm very interested in the mini. The full-sized LM would be too big for me and I'm excited to learn that a mini is on the way:tup:
  4. I think it would be a perfect size for me.:tup:
  5. i cant wait for this bag to come out!!! i so want to see it in the shimmer colors :smile: I love me LMs the more I use them but some days I just dont need all that room, so i think the mini will be perfect!
  6. I'll have to get my regular sized LM first, but if it's cute and sexy, I just might have to order one!
  7. if it's on sale then i will definitely consider it! i gave the flirt with me i got in the SS to my best friend and she loved it so much, she's gonna bring BE to california :smile:
  8. Now, for those of us that try the mini, what color?

    I think the light grey with sheen sounds nice, but, if there's too much sheen/glitter, then that leaves me only with the black crash. But, I do have the large black crash and would rather have a color. Hmmmm

    Cream could be cute too!
  9. I would love to see a mini LM. I love mine to death, but there are times when I don't need that much room (although I often do!)...for those times when I travel light, having a dark grey mini LM or a pewter crash one would be just perfect!

    Does anyone know when we'll be able to see this bag?
  10. I sent Cindy at Muse Ten an email asking about any differences between the mini and regular Love Me (other than size) and this was her response:

    "For the most part, the mini is similar to the regular Love Me. The main differences in design detail are: 1). the mini does not have the detachable shoulder strap, and 2) the mini only has one exterior zipper pocket wherease the regular love me has two exterior zipper pockets."
  11. I tried to post the pics. but it didn't work. If you have qus., you can contact Cindy at Muse Ten at

    I'm not sure about the style. It looks cute, but I'm not "wowed." It's also hard to tell the size and proportions without seeing someone carry it.
  12. Damn. Am eagerly awaiting pictures!!!
  13. I just saw a picture of the Mini Love Me....and for me personally: it is not calling MY name. Maybe it will call yours. I am happy with my uber chic black crash Love Me.
  14. TropicalGal,

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Where did you see the picture? Tell us more details on what you didn't like about the mini LM.

    In a way, it will be a good thing for my budget, If I don't like it! LOL I already have 5 BE handbags, that's really enough.

    Did you think the mini looked too small?
  15. As CityChris says, it is hard to judge when you don't see it on anyone. It might turn out to be just the ticket. But when I saw Love Me, I had an immediate reaction of WOW. When I saw this bag, I thought, "oh...." Just didn't move or shake me. That's not to say I won't change. But, having the Love Me, seems to satisfy me for the Love Me "look." But ladies, that's just me. Maybe it will rock your world. Merry Christmas LoveBags!