ladies..WHAT outfit W/ A **FUSCHIA MINI PLEATY**

  1. enable me please, I want to get it but I dont know if its worth the money, if it really doesn't go with anything :tdown:

    ps: if u all have any pics with the denim line it would be helpful
  2. I think it would be hard to match it to things...I guess you would stick to wearing it with white or possibly brown, its a pretty bag, but you probably wouldn't get a whole lot of use out of it.
  3. I'm not a pink lover, but I'd stick to wearing neutrals or black with this bag.
  4. they arent all of the mini pleaty but they are all pink :biggrin:
    0.jpg 100_1680.jpg 427714362_f27b044479_o.jpg IMG_2459.jpg Resize Wizard-2.jpg
  5. It doesn't have to match what you are wearing! It looks great with ANYTHING!
  6. I think pink goes with almost anything...imagine it against the grey background we're all wearing this winter.
    Would look fabulous with browns, white, blue jeans, black jeans, grey pants, grey tops, other shades of pink, beiges, tans.

    Pinks go with everything (well almost)!!! LOL
  7. Me personally I would wear fuchsia only with:
    Blue, beige, white, and fuchsia!
    That's my opinion, because I don't like it, if I am too "colourful"! I think that the Denim in blue goes with more colours then pink. I like my Denim Baggy in blue very much.
  8. actually i think the pink is a bit hard to match... no blue or green or yellow... wear jeans, pink, black or white and brown...
  9. LOL.. I was going to post my pic but it looks like someone did it already! :smile:
  10. Anything spring or summery, with bright colors....I like fuschia alot, and I use my denim GM with complimentary type colors...and if you managed to find the pink pleaty, hang onto it, its a rare find !!
  11. I have the fuschia neo speedy and with it I wear: denim, black, khaki, white, beige and browns.
  12. I wear mine with everything! Especially black, tan and white and it goes well with blue denim.