Ladies, what is the name of this beauty?!

  1. Somebody needs to buy this right away.....

    The design is so pleasing, lovely circles and arcs, no fuss, no muss. I love it. :heart::heart:

    I would love to see more of this bag. (on me, preferably, LOL)
  2. I just checked my copy of Hermes Super Collection 2005 catalogue from Japan. It is called the Caporal bag.
  3. Good to know!
  4. Thank you jaegerhomme! I love this bag!!
  5. nola, you have to get that bag. it is sooooo beautiful!
  6. Oh I wish I could afford it now, I just want info on it at this point:heart:
  7. Pretty.
  8. jaegerhomme, thank you! That is a very understated and pretty bag. I love it. :smile:
  9. Gorgeous Bag....Very High Class
  10. Beautiful bag and evercalf is such a yummie leather.
  11. Nola, that bag is beautiful.
  12. OMG this bag is beautiful and versatile! I just love how H pieces can have so many uses.
  13. Great Design. It's so beautiful! :tup:
  14. I am so excited:nuts:
    I bought this bag on eBay this past May! I never knew the name and the seller was not into Hermes so now I can fill in the blanks with Caporal bag. Mine is a F square (2002) exactly the same as the one in the pictures. This bag is the same size and has basically the same structure as the berlingot with the top having a slightly deeper curve at the opening and it has piping which the berlingot does not. The straps rotate easily enough to carry the bag with the one, two, or three straps up and they will they hold that position. I got really really lucky and did not pay in the thousands. I could never ask my SA about the bag since she is anti-anything bought 'not through her' at our H store let alone the dreaded eBay!:cursing: Sorry I can't post pics yet I plan to learn how to do that on vacation.:roflmfao:
    Is it evercalf? I'm not solid on the leathers? It is very pliable and soft. Thanks