Ladies what do you think of this

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  1. ergo tote.
    Yay or Nay?

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  2. bummer it wont let me click it...
  3. can't enlarge it.
  4. Oh it's stunning! What a beautiful color! I truly love it!
  5. Hey I love the color too it neutral
  6. this bag in general or this particular auction?
  7. Pretty.

    If I liked brass hardware, I'd probably want it myself.
  8. The hardware on this tote doesn't work for me.
  9. Just got the smaller version of the bay in black leather (not belted) I had tried for the belted but didn't act soon enough!

    I have only 3 words for you and they are..................

    GO FOR IT!!!!!!

    You can't pass this beauty UP, if I had the funds I'd go and snatch her up right now!! The Ergo totes RULE!!! The one I got this week will NOT be my last. You've inspired me to start stalking this one. Don't worry though, I'm headed to Cancun in 5 days and have NO extra CA$H to snag this one up. I'd say move and move FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. What a pretty color
  11. I have this bag! It's gorgeous in purple. It has that nice Coach leather yummy smell. When I first bought it, I thought this bag was huge, but after getting my Zoes (especially my XL Zoe), it is a nice large size.

    The lining is lovely and the leather is so nice and soft. I love the snap bolt clasp on the front and the studded handles. I paid 50% $498 (MRSP) for it. I wasn't going to let this bag go. The belted style is rather cute. I had a choice between black and purple when I saw it at the boutique. I am a black leather fan, but in this case the purple just looked so much better in this style.

    Good luck and I hope you decide to get it. :tup:
  12. It's ended, did you buy it? I love the deep purple and, of course, I love the gold hardware.
  13. Super pretty! Did you win it?
  14. preeetttty! love the legacy!!! so were you the winning bid????