Ladies, what do you think of this idea...

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  1. My daughter is two-years-old right now. I was thinking about buying an LV Speedy (25 or 30) and saving it for her as a high school graduation gift. I'm thinking that by then, they will cost much more than what they do now. By then, she might have an appreciation for LV. And if it's not her style, she could always sell it.:lol:

    Any thoughts?
  2. That's called "great investment"! By the time she's 18, that speedy will be the cost of a new car nowadays. :lol:
  3. :lol: That's probably true!

    I'm so glad to have a girl. :biggrin:
  4. Wow, what a great mom you are! I love the idea!
  5. hmmm....i don't know i think i'd prefer jewelry. i think that's a better investment than a bag. maybe if it was a birkin, but i doubt that a vintage speedy will be worth more than it is now. all the vintage stuff from 10+ years ago on ebay usually sells for less than the new ones.
  6. I think it's a nice idea. Although from an putelyinvestement perspective, sticking that money in a mutual fund might be a better idea... ;)
  7. I think it's a sweet idea, but be prepared just in case she doesn't like the bag. I upgraded my original wedding set on my 10th anniverary and thought it would be a great idea to have my daughter's birthstone put in my original engagement ring setting to give to her on her 16th birthday. She's 16 now and it turns out we have very different taste. While she appreciated the sentimental value of the ring she doesn't wear it because she thinks the setting is ugly!
  8. I would also prefer jewelry. My grandmother gave me a set of pearls - necklace, earrings and ring - for graduation, and though I don't use it as much as I would a bag, I love the set and wear it when I can.

    But if you think she would love it and appreciate the fact that you bought it for her so long ago and planned on giving it to her as a graduation gift, go for it :biggrin:
  9. I've done the mutual fund thing for her already. The LV thing really isn't for investment purposes...I wanted to do something extra that was kind of cute and symbolic. She's always playing with my handbags.:biggrin:
  10. A Speedy 25 isn't a bad idea for a young girl.... I can't imagine that we won't still be carrying purses 16 years from now... And worse case scenario, you might have a vintage, pristine Speedy to sell on Ebay or something like it down the road. It's not a HUGE sum of money to lock away, so that's not a bad idea.... Very cute :smile:
  11. Or you could get her one of those mini-speedy's for when she turns 10 or something--or a more "responsible" age. She might appreciate a mini-mommy purse.
  12. Now, that would be cute.:amuse:
  13. I have a couple of friends who inherited LV's from aunts, grandmothers, etc. They seem to love them...and many of the bags still look great. And I was thinking that the Monogram Speedy is so simple and probably wouldn't change too much. By then, she'll have a whole lot of different bags; she actually has a collection right now.:lol: The LV from me might be special to her, even if she decides not to wear it.
  14. wow! i wish you were my mum!
  15. I think it's a great idea! My daughters are my excuses for buying high-end bags...they will get them all one day either as gifts or heirlooms. Maybe consider giving her a MC Speedy? They may be discontinued by then and actually really worth quite a bit in pristine condition!