ladies what do you think of this clutch?

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  1. OMG !! I :heart: dragonflies !!!!
    I think its fabulous. You MUST get it and post photos !!!!
  2. That is gorgeous. It's frivolous and impractical and amazing. Someone has to get it so I can live vicariously through her : )
  3. gorgeous clutch.. :yes:
  4. Love it!!!
  5. Couldn't have said it any better! This is the kind of bag I'd love to have just to gaze at.
  6. :P that was cute. i wish i would have seen this one before buying another clutch. this is really a unique looking bag though.
  7. Where would you wear it? Do you have an occasion? I'm asking b/c I think it could work, but it would depend on the circumstances.
  8. Absolutely gorgeous. This would look gorgeous with blacks,whites,ivories,browns etc. etc.
  9. That's a beautiful & unique design! I don't think it would ever go out of style, either.
  10. omg!!! What a beautiful clutch!! I never go for clutches, but just within the past month or so, the clutch fairy must have tapped me on the headawith her magic wand, because I picked up and bought two black ones that were not expensive because I wanted to see how I felt about wearing them. I like it. That dragonfly bag is amazing!!!!
  11. It is beautiful. Definately a statement clutch that would look great with a simple, elegant dress.
  12. would you wear this with jeans and a nice top and strappy sandals
    or would you only use it with a nice dress to go out?
  13. I love it! The colors are gorgeous :heart:
  14. I hope I don't get shot down for this, but I think it looks kind of creepy!!!

    It sort of looks like two sets of eyes peering out of the bag!