ladies, what do you think of these yurman earrings?

  1. i like it but cant decide....what do you think?

  2. I think those are absolutely gorgeous! You should totally get them!
  3. i love them. they are stunning, you should definitely get them!
  4. They are VERY beautiful...what is the price and materials?
  5. I love them!!! Get them!
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. Very rich looking!
  8. I love them. In fact, I own them!!!! :biggrin:

    Here they are with my other David Yurman earrings:

    p.s.--I just measured them, and they are about 1 1/2 inches long. They are sparkly and pretty, but not too over the top; they can go dressy or casual, in my opinion. Quite versatile. And Yurman makes lots of other "Quatrefoil" pieces to mix and match with them! :graucho:
    David Yurman earrings.JPG
  9. Cosmopolitan - you have the loveliest DY collection! Can I come over and borrow some ;) ?

    Those earrings are beautiful dari! You should get them!
  10. These are gorgeous. Definitely get them. Very delicate and elegant. Stunning.
  11. Very pretty! I like them a lot!
  12. beautiful! very classy.
  13. They are gorgeous! I say get them!
    Cosmo, you have a fabulous DY earring collection! You have grrrrrrrrreat taste!
  14. Awww, thanks SuLi and Kat. I love to be able to talk to fellow Yurman fans about jewelry! :smile:

    Shari, I think the earrings were around $900. They are primarily sterling silver, but DY usually sets the diamonds themselves in white gold, because it's stronger.

    Here are some of the lovely matching pieces with the "quatrefoil" shape in them, to tempt you all. I'd love to have this first tassle necklace:



    Yurman tapestry tassle pendant $2450.jpg Yurman tapestry round pendant $1755.jpg Yurman tapestry wide cuff $3700.jpg Yurman tapestry band ring $950.jpg
  15. Very, Very nice...elegant yet not too flashy...perfect to go with everything....

    Though with the price tag...for me...I would have to really be in love with the piece to consider them...:shame: