Ladies what do you think of Damier Knightsbridge?

  1. Hi everyone, yesterday, I was in Waikiki LV, I was drooling over the damier knightsbridge:love:. :heart::heart:the bag, its TDF. It's a beautiful bag, very sophisticated and elegant. Nicely constructed, too. It's the modern version of the classic doctor's bag. Showed the dh the damier speedy 25, he was totally hating it. Showed him the knightsbridge and he :heart: it. Just would like comments on the bag. Thanks.
  2. Haven't seen it IRL yet but from the LV pics I love it, it;s on my wish list
  3. I havent seen it IRL either but from elux it looks TDF!!
  4. I think it's a very elegant-looking bag! Sophisticated style, good size, with a zipped top and an attractive-looking outer pocket. Go for it!
  5. The bag is truly gorgeous and it only cost $1300 here, elux $1350.
  6. Hmm, have you considered the duomo? The knightsbridge is beautiful but I'm not sure about the pocket in the front!
  7. Yes, I have seen the duomo, but it just looks a little too big for me. The dh was shaking his head. You know, I won't take the dh shopping with me anymore. He just gave me a hardtime about all the bags I was showing him. Anyways, I didn't think I like the pocket in the front, but it was actually big enough for my cellphone. These are the bags I was considering:
    Damier Alma
    Damier Speedy 25
    Damier Knightsbridge
    I also considered the red epi speedy, but end up getting a dark red Chanel classic instead.
  8. i have the knightbridge and I love it! I don't use the pocket in front though because i dont wont to buckle and re-buckle all the time but it looks cute! I have to say that this is one of my fave LV bags next to my Manhattan PM.
  9. i think it's very cute, it caught my eyes when i was scrolling through the LV damier bags... if you don't mind the unbuckling and rebuckling, i would say go for it...
    it's not as common as the speedy...
    and if you don't want a big bag, knightsbridge (10x7.5x5.5) seems to be smaller than the alma (12x9x7)...
  10. I love the Knightsbridge. For those of you that have one, does the buckle kind of sag because it is so heavy? The one I looked at at NM was like this so I decided to pass. It is beautiful though! :yes:
  11. Everlong, would you mind posting a pic of you wearing the bag along with your height? =)
  12. I saw this bag yesterday in Charlotte and it is beautiful. Definitely on my list.
  13. Beautiful bag! Get it!
  14. It's a beautiful bag. My DH and I saw it in person at the LV store and it was an eye-catcher. I am not a huge fan of the damier line - but, I really love this one. My DH even commented on how he really liked it as well.
  15. Personally I think it is too sophisticated for my tastes, but it is a gorgeous bag. I always go for casual pieces so that's why I am not a fan of this bag. But it is a nice elegant bag.