ladies..what do we think about piercings...?!

  1. hey everyone! im feeling the need for a change. something ive always wanted to do is get my nipples pierced. ive gone through some rough times this summer and i want to get this done for me. so do any of you have it done? and if so, did it hurt? i HATE pain but really want it done. .. im trying to get my best friend to take me tonite if possible so what do you guys think? encourage me! lol:heart:
  2. my personal opinion... get your bellybutton done if you want somehing done. i dont think that nipple is a good idea its tooooo risky and can go wrong if not done properlly!!! i have 2 friends that did it was soooo painful
  3. OUCH! Sounds like it hurts a lot. I have my belly button pierced and I love it =)
  4. I had my nipple pierced in college, it didn't hurt that bad at all. I took it out when I became pregnant, but until then I loved it, hubby did too. If you don't like it, remove it, no harm done.
  5. I don't have my nipples done...just my belly...but I couldn't sleep on my stomach for the first few weeks after... And I had to take it out last Dec for emergency surgery...even though I'd had it a few started to close after a I had to repierce it myself...couldn't sleep on it for a week that time.

    Cant imagine would that would feel like if you did your nipples.
  6. Go for it...piercings are a unique way of expressing yourself!!! Good luck. Typically I'd say post pics, but on this'd better not!!!:roflmfao:
  7. Piercing are so personal I think only you can make the decision. My best friend has both her nipple and ... well down south :angel: pierced and according to her both were well worth it although the second one hurt like hell.
  8. Sorry, but I'm old school on this topic! Earlobes, two or three pierces per ear and that's it. The things you kids get pierced these days makes my stomach swirl!:throwup:

    If you want to express yourself, buy a new outfit, new bag or paint a piece of artwork. Why on Earth put yourself through that?:yucky:
  9. If you've been wanting to get it done, go for it. No nipple piercings here, but I have piercings elsewhere. The initial pain of the piercing doesn't last long at all, but it will be sore for a while afterward. Nipple piercings can be difficult to heal, as are navel and other surface piercings, and you have to perform the aftercare properly.

    Don't think about it, just do it :P That's how I've been with most of my piercings, and I haven't regretted any of them.

    :heart: body mods :heart:
  10. My BF had both nipples pierced, he just took them out for the first time in about 10 years last week. He said it was incredibly painful, and I have heard it is for women too. But if you can get past that and really want to do it for yourself, I say go for it!
  11. go for it. you can put numbing cream on before hand and it doesnt hurt very much but it'll hurt more than other piercings (if you have anything else pierced) because its a super sensitive area.

    im shouldnt be saying 'it doesnt hurt' though because i dont feel pain. im kinda weird. haha

    but yes.. im encouraging you.. GO FOR IT. do something for you and make your summer better!
  12. i'm only offering my humble opinion because you have asked for thoughts from board members. i think it would be painful since that is a very sensitive area. unless you don't need to wear a bra i think it would catch on the piercing and be uncomfortable. also not understanding how you could really enjoy it that much unless you have that area exposed a lot. i am not opposed to you or anybody doing this if that is what floats your boat but i think something else might give you the change or boost that you are desiring. i personally only have one piercing in my ears. good luck in your decision. queen