Ladies: What can you fit in a mini skinny?

  1. I know ID's and cards will fit... But will a couple cards and my Motorola Razr fit? Or am i better off just using a wristlet?

  2. I personally don't have a mini-skinny. I do have a wristlet though and I love it. I do wish the wristlets had like, pockets or credit card slots on the inside though. You could use a mini-skinny for credit cards and put it inside a wristlet that has phone/keys/money etc.
  3. Mini skinnys basically only fit credit cards, id's and a little spot of cash. No phones or anything like that!!! Sorry! But I like big wristlets so I have those with my mini skinny inside. It's way nice!
  4. sorry, that post by Meganlovescoach was mine, it was accidentally signed into her account!!
  5. i don't have much in my mini skinny. my driver's license, school id, debit card. that's about it.
  6. I saw someone with their mini skinny realllly stuffed and it didn't look nice anymore! Just stick with a wristlet if you need to hold more than just cards and cash!
  7. Ya I agree with everyone... you can only really fit some cards and a little cash.
  8. That's what my teens do. They have a mini skinny in their wristlets. They don't carry their Coach purses much but the way they do it works great.
  9. i have my digital camera in my mini skinny. I just tried it and you can fit a few cards and a Razr in there.
  10. You can fit a TON of cards in it


  11. wow! that is a lot of cards! I guess I've always underestimated the size of my skinny!
  12. Wow that is REALLY amazing!! :tup:
  13. I can fit my ipod nano in there :tup:
  14. When I had my Razr I put my phone inside and my debit card in the outside pocket and attached it to my keys. I love mini skinnys :love:

  15. :jammin:
    Patent Magenta mini skinny and Pink nano.... :nuts:

    Generally I do like others have suggested, toss my mini skinny in my wristlet.