Ladies what can i do?

  1. I accidentally nicked a small part of my Mademoiselle tote. The leather looks a little ripped approx 0.5cm long and one of the stitches burst at the same spot. my heart is aching!

    What shall i do?? :crybaby::confused1::hysteric::shrugs:

    Or rather what can i do now? Can i repair it at Chanel? Do they do such things? Anyone repaired their bags before? Sorry for the many questions..
  2. I bet it can be repaired. They may have to replace the whole piece of leather, so not sure what it would cost.
  3. oh my.. the whole leather? that is sure to cost some $$$ :sad:

    if it was just a nick i would shut an eye.. but one of the stitches burst and im afraid that will cause the other stitching to come loose..

    what do you think smooth? :confused1: am i being over paranoid?
  4. I think you should take it to Chanel. I'm sure they will give you an estimate before they actually do any repair work. That's how Louis Vuitton works. They give an estimate before they do any actual repair.:yes:
  5. Thanks for the information smooth!! I shall bring her down to Chanel next week.. :shame:
  6. I agree, take it to Chanel and let them look at it.
  7. If you have the receipt and it was purchased within the year, they will repair that for free. Fingers crossed that you have!!
  8. *faints* i dun have the receipt anymore.. :crybaby: think i should start keeping a receipt box and dump all my bag receipts in there from now on.

    The thing is when i buy a bag, i get so excited and happy and even if i remember holding the receipt at the boutique, after a few days of playing with my bags at home.. it would suddenly dawn on me that the receipts have gone missing! :P
  9. i will keep my fingers crossed that Chanel can repair and at a nice price. good luck. keep us posted.