Ladies Web Hobo

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  1. Alright, got the pics but can't upload till I get home. I don't have a card reader at work.

    BTW, she bought it from the Seattle boutique. She said it was the only one they had. Too bad coz it's really pretty. AND, it's only $795!!!!
  2. Thanks so much! Your the best! I can't wait to see the pics, I know when I called the boutique here she said the Guccissima's sold out quick, I'm waiting for the next shipment to come in, hopefully they get more, I really don't want to have to order it online and wait... hehe I want to be able to go home with it NOW! :P
  3. I was at the Seattle boutique on Sunday and tried her on! The SA didn't even know they had it until I walked over there and saw that it was put on the shelf sideways next to the canvas version. I went back to the boutique the next day (yesterday) to exchange DH's ring and the SA said someone bought the black large web hobo right after I left.

    I liked it a lot but didn't love it like I wanted to. It's a slouchy bag but when I put my purse-to-go organizer in it, it gave it a better shape. I decided to pass on it because I saw another bag - the Charlotte hobo and that one was calling my name! That one's going on my wish list for 2009.

    Even though it's a Large - it's closer to a medium size in comparison to other gucci bags. The medium version of the hobo is actually quite small.
  4. ^^Flipchick, I wonder if you were the one my friend said she saw modeling that bag? Ha-ha! she was worried you were gonna take it too.

    Anyways, here are the pics. Hanging it on my coat hanger was the only best place I could get good shots of the bag. I tried to take close up as well as the back of it. I forced my friend to model it (LOL!); she's about 5'2 maybe 5'3 so hopefully that gives you an idea of its size. And as I said, eventho it's a large, it does look more like a medium.




    joy model13.jpg


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  5. ^^ Very nice, love it!!!!
  6. Ooooh I :heart: it! It looks sooo soft and slouchy which personally for me I absolutely love that! Gawd I HAVE to get that in brown guccissima, if the boutique here doesn't get it I'll just order it online, but I have to have it!

    Love2shop THANKS so much for the pics!!!!
  7. You're welcome. We actually kinda had fun taking pics. When I asked who was going to model my male coworker actually said he would! So I took a picture of him; he even stuck his tush out a little bit as his 'best' feature.LOL! Ahh, the things we do for fashion!
  8. love2shop - Thanks for the pics!!!! It looks so nice...and makes me want it even more!!

    - I don't think the SAs in the Seattle boutique know their stuff very well. It seems like they don't even know what they have and not have. :confused1: I went there today and I asked them if they have the bag, they said they've never got any in and they never saw it IRL, but they will get a few soon. Then I stopped asking questions b/c I know love2shop's friend got it there!!!

    But they have the medium hobo. The leather on the ladies web collection seems to be slightly different than the regular Guccissima. It feels thinner? and more "wrinkly"?? I just want to try the bag on!! I went to Nordies in downtown today too and they didn't have it either. They still have a few bags on sale though.
  9. krazy4bags - Yes, ITA - the SAs there are still newbies. They don't know the names of things and are constantly asking other SAs questions. It was quite frustrating actually. Then I walk into Nordstrom downtown and it's a totally different environment where the SAs know the dealio.

    - I think my DH may have seen your friend. I was so focused on the 2 bags and going back and forth that I didn't even notice who else may have been in the store. Thanks for posting the pics btw! I still really like this bag - it's just not high on my wish list any longer.
  10. Thanks for the pic love2shop! I'm starting to like this bag again!
  11. Just stumbled on this thread... I got mine this weekend :smile: (first picture attached)

    I originally got the black fabric version as a gift - decided to exchange it. Picture is attached for reference, so you can see the "live" difference!

    I love the leather version!!

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  12. Ok does it fit fat arms???
  13. Hi! I actually like the bag now that I've seen it other than the one on I was curious if yours is black or is it chocolate? TIA!

  14. ugh! i've been drooling over this bag for so long and hadn't realized that there was all this talk going on about it! lol... i actually want to get the canvas versions but i'm not able to find this bag anywhere. thanks for the pics though!
  15. This bag is still available on Here's the link: