Ladies was this bag ever made!!

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  1. Hello Ladies I was just wondering if this bag was ever made. It looks very fake to me, but they told me it might be vintage. Then again I am NO chanel expert. I could be wrong. Someone please correct me...
  2. The reason why i think is fake is because of the hanging dog tag.
  3. I believe that's fake. I think it was mentioned before in another thread I saw a while back that Chanel never made this style (I think it's actually a rip off of a Dior style with the dice thing). The dog tag is also a dead give away, like lulu said.
  4. While I totally agree with Missisa that I think the bag's a fake (I'm almost positive its the same fake a friend of mine knowingly bought:yucky:) The "dog tag" charm could totally be real, placed on the fake to make it look real...(or just plain fake too;))

    A few years back I bought a dog tag-ish bag charm/key chain from the boutique... it just a silver tag with chanel on it- very simple. I wish I had a pic but my camera is broken:crybaby: Anyways, I just wanted to mention it, just in case you run into it again somewhere:p
  5. ^Ah yes, I've heard they did make authentic dog tags. I would get one if it was a good price and hang it on my keychain or something lol.

    Either way, I'm sorry to say that I do think the bag (regardless of dog tag) is fake.
  6. I am no Chanel expert and am scared to comment on someones bag ( did this before, not a good idea!). However, I have never seen this bag before and that Chanel tag makes me evn mure suspicious of this bag. However, it could be vintage, althought I doubt it.
  7. I have the authentic Chanel dog tag (from Saks), it's very cute. A pic:
    Picture%20005 (2).JPG
  8. I think I've seen this bag on someone's post. I'm still trying to find it so I can get the link. :confused1:

  9. It's in the "Post your Family Portrait" Thread here in the Chanel subforum... I saw it and noticed it, but I didn't want to say anything.
  10. I don't ever recall seeing that bag.
    Did it come with any card or hologram?
  11. lulu- I am not understanding why you are so concerned about this bag.. your remarks in the other thread asking the member was the bag fake, quite offensive TO ME.
    You are using the members picture and all to question the authenticity of her bag.... shes not trying to sell it, nor did she ask anyone here about the authenticity . She innocently posted her bag in the thread for show like we all do.
    I dont understand what your intentions are.. Its not my bag, but I am quite offended at questions/accusation..
    Its not fair to do so IMHO..
    Perhaps a PM to the member adivising her or asking her directly instead of putting her on BLAST....Or if you felt that way- keep it to yourself as alot of member do.
    Thats just my opinion and I do not want to offend anyone.. Thats just my thought.
  12. ^is this right?
    This is definitely in poor taste if she's correct.
    I'm closing this, please don't bring drama to this Forum, we don't need it.
    If you're questioning if a members bag is authentnic, please use teh "Report this Post" option.
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