Ladies walking with bagsuitcases in New York

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  1. :idea:I'm just back from a trip to New York. Most of the year, I see bags only on line. (As I live in the tropics.) This was my chance to visit Barney's, Saks, Neiman's, etc. and see bags IN REAL LIFE. Ladies: I was generally disappointed. All the bags I thought I loved, when I saw IRL -- I could do without. The Gryson Olivia was too heavy and lumpy looking, the Lanvin Kansas was puffy and overpriced, the Celine Bittersweet looked like an amoeba...etc. etc. etc.
    And I'm sorry to say, this whole BIG handbag thing is out of hand. It now looks like women's enslavement to me. Gorgeous ladies, trudging with their enormous suitcase-sized handbags on Madison and Fifth Avenues... While the men stroll easily, unencumbered.
    Don't get me wrong, I adore handbags and don't want to be a guy, carrying just a wallet in my back pocket...but I just think it is...unpleasant, all this back breaking bigness.
    On a happier note: I bought two handbags I didn't think I'd be buying. I bumped into a Gerard Darel black 24-Heures also known as the Drape bag on sale for $199 and snatched it up. And, I bought the Hogan Distressed Tab Hobo (the one Sarah Jessica was photographed with) at the pre-designer sale at Neiman's. A kind SA is holding and mailing it to me here in the tropics.
    So, just wanted to share with you these impressions of my trip to New York. The Purse Forum has turned me into the most discerning shopper! Lesson learned: in real life is the key when shopping for handbags.
  2. I saw a very tall, elegant woman with an enormous bag today too. I really like big bags, but this thing was a carryon! I can't imagine lugging something that big around with me all day, every day.

    Great score on the Gerard Darel! Pics, pretty please? That is a great bag, and not easy to find. I miss NY!
  3. I have tried to post pix...someday I'll figure it out. It is the classic 24 hour bag, and it looks so feminine, cool and slouchy in black. Amazing how a color makes a difference. Some bags look better in certain colors... The 24 hour bag is not too big, not too small, just right!
    New York is great to visit....breeze in, shop up a storm (near sale time!), dine well, go to the theatre and museums, and then breeze back home to your own personal paradise where the living is a lot easier. New York is a tough town. I used to live there.
  4. I have to say, we get used to it. It's a preparedness thing, I mean, when people rifle through my bag to see "why it's so big," everything they pull out, they understand its usefulness. Like neosporin and bandaids for the pretty shoes that hurt our feet + flip flops when we can't take it. I don't know, I don't like to leave the house without my stuff. My back and shoulder are used to it. :yes:

    And btw, where exactly did you get the Gerard bag? :drool: The Isabella people had me on hold for 20 minutes before I hung up. I was trying to locate bags through them.
  5. I have the exact same GD bag - isn't it wonderful! :heart:

    Where did you find yours? Did they have anymore (in any other styles or colors?) TIA!
  6. We need those big bags in New York. Remember we don't have cars to keep our stuff. So, yes, the extra pair of shoes for when your feet start to hurt, the book for when the subway is stuck in the tunnel for no reason and the laptop, because you don't want to carry two bags, and all the normal stuff you keep in your bag.
  7. Got the Gerard Darel at Hamrahs in Cresskill, New Jersey. Hamrahs is the chicest store I have ever been in. The owners fly to France, Italy, Spain and bring back the chicest stuff before it gets chic. They have amazing radar. There is one brown Gerard Darel 24-Heures bag left. Call at: 201-871-4444. They'll mail it to you. Good luck!
  8. TropicalGal, I know how interested you were in Gryson so I am sorry to hear that the Olivia did not seem like the right bag for you when you saw it IRL. I hate when that happens:sad:!! Just a caution to other PFers. Make sure you look at the Olivia (the Skye too) with the lumpy stuffing that is used for display removed. The bag takes on an entirely different sillohuette when there is weight inside the bag. I was amazed and surprized, when I got mine, at the beautiful drape of the bag, because this is never shown in pictures, or when the bags are on display in stores for that matter. I honestly find this to be the most appealing aspect of the bag (and my list of appealing attributes is LONG regarding this style!)
  9. Romeolady -- You are so sweet to remember! Maybe there will be an Olivia in my future, after all. I didn't take the stuffing out. I think you are absolutely right about that! The Skye definitely looked too small. The Tate looked odd on me..but now that you mention the stuffing, it was because it was stuffed. I know I have a Gryson in my future... Must be on sale though. Next November.
  10. I want to do that! Fly to Spain, Italy, and France and bring back bags! Thanks for the info! I'm actually trying to track down a Kaki colored one! :wlae:
  11. The Darel 24-Heures that they have at Hamrahs, see my post above, is khaki brown! Go for it!