Ladies w/ LV denim..

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  1. is it easy to keep clean? If you spill something on it, is it ruined? Can it be worn w/ alot of outfits or does it clash w/ jeans etc? TIA!
  2. I used shining monkey on mine. More so on the fabric(thats what its for)
    I spilled some coffee on my denim speedy and i'm sure it was there for days before i noticed it, anyway I just used a damp cloth and it removed it :smile: no more coffee.
    Its a naice casual bag, if you check the visial thread or do a search you'll find a few modeling the bag with various outfits.
  3. Whats shining monkey?
  4. I haven't seen anything wrong with my Denim Neo-Speedy fabric and I got mine when it came out first. In fact I have noticed with the Vachetta on mine that it hasn't darkened as much as the older Vachetta trims.

    As for matching it, it looks great with denim and other casual outfits.

    kittykittycatcat - Shinning Monkey is a frabic protector spray a lot of people use to protect thier LV bags. I think you can order it online - just do a google search for it.
  5. ^Did you protect your bag w/ anything?

    Thanks for the help from both of you! :smile:
  6. I once spilled a latte on my neo speedy but luckily it splattered the handles and not the denim fabric so it was easy to clean.

    I have the neo speedy in green, so I can't wear it with everying. I actually only wear it whenever I'm wearing something green and casual.
  7. My fuschia baggy pm looks great with jeans. I have worn it with blue and black denim and it looks great. I have also worn it with dressier outfits (usually all black) with my berry inclusion bracelet and it looks great too.
  8. so far I have had no problems with mine but I am extremely careful with it and don't sit it down on the floor, wet counters, etc. I pretty much baby it. I have not treated the leather (never do on any of my bags) and she's doing just fine.

    (I have the baggy PM BTW)

    p.s. looks great w/everything too!
  9. that's what i noticed with mine too :nuts:! i got mine last year during Thanksgiving, and even though i used it a lot before i actually discovered Shining Monkey, the leather hasn't darkened as fast or as much as other bags :biggrin: