ladies w/ big bags, do you buy them for the look, or practicality?ro

  1. for me, i carry very little in my purse, an LV red epi koala wallet, a little samsung flip phoneand a bottle of water. going to work, i need a purse to fit a lunch box, but other than that i don't carry very much with me when i go out. i actually really don't have any needs for a large bag. what do you put in your bags?
  2. I love big bags cos they are practical.. most of the time i go out with my bags half full and when i return home.. they are nice and full. Guess i carry alot of junk around! :p
  3. Probably a little of both.
  4. I'm the same as Michele..most of the bags I buy are practical anyway but I make sure they're cute also :yes:
  5. I would say a little of both too. Some bags that are larger are just appealing to me (be it the color, style, material, etc.), and I don't think, Ohhh it's too big, or ohhh it's too small, because ultimately if I like it, then I like it :smile:

  6. I get them for the look and practicality as well.
  7. practicality.... i never know what junk i will bring with me.
  8. Currently I am lugging stuff around for a 1year old, 2year old and a 4year old. They may be small but they have alot of stuff! Thus I need a large bag.
  9. i tend to like large bags better because i carry so much around with me all the time, and for me, practicality and the look of a bag are equally important!
  10. i like big bags because i carry lots of stuffs, and for the look.
    i never really liked teeny tiny handbags, except if they're clutches.
    i use to carry my wallet which is LV PTI and it's huge, lv medium organizer, 2 cell phones, make up case, cigarete case, ipod, 1 or 2 books i like to read when i'm waiting for someone, cell phone charger and some papers for work.
  11. I carry big bags for both reasons. I can do small bags, too, but I like having a place to stash an extra sweater, novel, etc.
  12. i like big bags because they are sooo much more practical, at least for me, as a college student and all. They are so roomy and easy to stuff! Personally, i small bags look a little more elegant IMO, so if it weren't for the practicality, i would be small bags all the way!
  13. i love big bags mainly bc i never know what i will want to take when i leave the house. im one of those people that worries that they wont have something they need when they leave ! so i just take everything.
  14. I love big bags...and its more for practicality. I hate when I pack just the neccesities in a small clutch, and then I look for something I normally carry and realize that its in my big bag at home.
  15. Both for me, too