Ladies using men's Besace?

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  1. Do any of you ladies use the men's Besace rather than a hobo/messenger. I'm playing with the idea of buying one if I can't get my hands on a flat messenger.
  2. I have a blue besace that I use as a laptop bag. I love it! I love the way it hangs on me and the color is awesome. The bag is big and the strap is very adjustable so it looks good cross body as well as just slung on the shoulder. It hangs low at the hip which looks cool and even with a "laptop condom" on my laptop, I still have room to fit a bunch of other stuff in the bag without it looking too stuffed.
  3. Yes, I have a 07 Cafe Besace and use it A LOT as a cross-body bag for work. I use public transportation to get to work and it's just really handy to use this huge bag, totally hands free, while on the subway. I'm only 5'4", so it does hang low on my hip, but I've gotten loads of compliments on it...

    Check it out! I femme'd him up a bit with a pod...

  4. Hi Monsoon88!

    It was your pictures of your bag that convinced me to buy my blue besace which I love. You are rocking that bag! I love it on you! :supacool:

  5. i have one too, a black one. it was my first b-bag and i loooove it.. it's so handy on a bike..
  6. Have you considered the Men's Day? It's the same size as the Women's DAY style bag but with longer straps.

    There are some available at Bal NY (even previous seasons colors!!!). Retail is $1040 (if I'm not mistaken).
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Ya'll are so helpful and Monsoon, you're an angel for posting the pic. After looking at how it sits on Monsoon (I'm 5'4" also), I think I'm going to go for the flat messenger. I don't like large bags but want one I can wear across the body and the flat messenger is a better size for me even tho I'd prefer it to be less wide & a bit longer.