Ladies: Time to fess up! I know you wore heels when you were pregnant~

  1. I did-up till 7.5 month pregnant. ;) I wore CL wedges, CL heels, JC stilettos and all sorts of high heels when I had a huge belly sticking out in front of me. And after my parents came to visit, my mom hid all my heels and she is furious with me for wearing heels during pregnancy. And now I am wearing all kinda of boring thongs and flats..:crybaby:

    My OB said it's ok as long as I am comfortable and I am just not a flat kinda girl. :confused1:
  2. I am 38 weeks and maybe 5 days and today I wore 3 inch wedge heels to work. Hurt like hell, but damn, looked good! LOL
  3. Yeah, I did too until my feet got too fat to shove into my shoes (around 8 months) at which point I switched to flip flops and tennis shoes. I actually found that the heels took some of the pressure off my back, which is kind of odd.
  4. I sure did. Heck, I walked into the hospital the morning of our son's birth in my heels.:yes:
  5. I only wear wedges, and heels. LOL! And people think I'm absolutely crazy! But that's all I wear on a good day, and It's all I know how to walk in! LOL! I can't wear flats. LOL! I think heels on a pg woman look great!
  6. Are you kidding? Shoes were the only sexy things I had to wear because I sure didn't feel like the clothes were appealing! I wore heels for as long as I could until the water retention in my feet made it impossible (and would have stretched my good shoes).
  7. LOL-Hautemama, I am starting to get to that point now. LOL! I am literally squeezing my feet in my shoes and I don't know what to do! LOL!
  8. Three kids and heels up until 8 months!! :p
  9. Oh man, I envy some of you women :wtf:

    I'm not very good in heels anyway, and I was even worse while pregnant! I wore them a few times throughout my pregnancy...10x, max!

    In the end my feet were too fat to fit in 95% of my shoes :shame:
  10. I wore heels every day -- even with my 4th, and I was in court trying a case until the week before he was born.
  11. My feet have been too fat for them.:crybaby:
  12. I'm on the short side, so I need all the help I can get! So I definitely wore heels up to a point. Not stilletos! I can't even wear those not pregnant!
  13. The new Cole Haans with the Nike Air technology are reallllly comfortable.
  14. I wore heels throughout my whole pregnancy. They made me feel skinny. ;)
  15. I was still wearing my Choo's everyday up until the last couple weeks. Then I gave in and went to DSW and bought something with a heel of only about 2.5". I miss my Choo's but I just can't do it anymore.