Ladies! The new lotion and shimmer powder are available!

  1. The stores got photos of the new beauty products in the store and the new shimmer powder is pressed!!!! It is like the bronzer from early spring.


    However it does not come with a brush, and it's just one solid square in a silver casing (similar to the purse spray!)

    The new lipsticks are really cute as well and packaged like the purse spray! The are available in Jax but cannot be ordered for some reason!
  2. i think the turn lock to the opening is really cute. ahhh, the things they come up with!
  3. Hi Sprinkles, is Estee Lauder making the cosmetics too?
    TIA, very cute items.
  4. I can't wait to see the lipstick colors!
  5. So where could I get that one pictured? Or is that it... You said it doesn't come with the brush and it's just one single one...

    I want that one up there!

    And price?
  6. The one I pictured was sold in a package with the large basket, towel and sunglasses. It was not sold separately :tdown:

    Also! I believe they are still partnered with EL, but I'm not positive on that.
  7. Oh. That sucks.


    How much is the new one?
  8. Did you see a picture of the lotion? Does the bottle look similiar to the fragrance?
  9. Yay! let us know when they become available to order.
    Can't wait.
  10. Thanks Sprinkles ! :biggrin:
  11. The new shimmer powder is $38, the lipsticks are $18 and I cannot recall the lotion, but it is under $50.

    The lotion is a tall rectangle bottle that is white with signature and has a pump :smile:
  12. Any info. on the price?
  13. Thanks Sprinkles! Style #'s please!:tup:
  14. Oh thats adorable. ;]

    I love the fragrance signature style,
    I love their bronzer
  15. Thanks Sprinkles for the update. Like others, I can't wait to see the lipstick colors and I have CS on speed dial so that I can order the lotion ASAP.

    Just waiting on the green light..... :smile: