Ladies @ The Dolce & Gabbana Party Held @ The Baoli Restaurant

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  3. Omg i love the glittery back drop!!! Love Kylie against it too!!
  4. Great pics!Thank you!
  5. Wooow, great pics.
    Thanks for posting.
  6. great pics. thanks for sharing.
  7. Great pics Prada, I've been waiting to see these pics, thanks so much for posting. They all look gorgeous!
  8. Your welcome ladies. The glittery backdrop made the event so much more fabulous.
  9. Thank you for the photos. Kylie looks fabulous.
  10. You always have the neatest things to share...thank you SO much!
  11. Thanks for the great photos as always Prada! Kylie looks amazing!
  12. great pics! I like her outfit, but Naomi needs to moisturize her knees!
  13. i love rose mcgowans dress, it is so sparkly greeney. thanks for the picts as usual !! :yes:
  14. They look stunning! Like a fairy tale night!
  15. petra Nemcova