ladies,the denim mini skinny is available to order

  1. Last week, I called 3 different Coach stores to ask them if the denim mini skinny was available to order since they don't have it at the Coach stores. So far, I've only seen it at Macy's & Nordies. Anyway, I was told no, that it was a dept store xclusive. Well, today I went to my regular store for my PCE stuff and decided to ask them again. This time, they were able to order it for me and I still got the 25%. Might have to go back to get the denim tote to go with it.
  2. awesome news! hopefully my store will say they can order it. it will look so nice with the tote :smile:
  3. i agree. the tote and the skinny are so beautiful.

  4. You just made my day:yahoo:. I plan on going to get my Denim Satchel today.(I can't wait) and I was going to go to Macy's and get the mini skinny. When I went to the Coach store earlier in the week they told me that they would not be selling them. I also plan on ordering a Carly and now I can order this also and still save the 25%.

    By the way if anyone else is interested the style # is 40749.