Ladies, the black rose hobo buyer scammed me!

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  1. Recently I posted about a buyer who claimed the black rose hobo I sent her had the chain break after one use:

    I, being the stupid, overly trusting fool that I am, said OK return it to me. Well, guess what I received today? A USED, stained black rose hobo WITHOUT the authenticity cards OR the hang tag that is definitely not the NWT item I sent her. I am LIVID.

    I sent her an email telling her I would send the bag back to her via certified mail and that I would even include a copy of the Bloomies receipt so she could send the bag to botkier for repair. Have I done the right thing?

    I believe in karma, but this still really hurts...
  2. What a terrible person! Contact eBay Live Help and see what you should do. Take photos of the damaged bag before you do anything else. You may need them as evidence.
  3. Thanks, bag-mania. I did call eBay and was in tears... The rep told me to email her first and then send it back. We had already left each other positive FB and I have now blocked her.

    How despicable....Geez, I'm not NM or BG, I'm a small seller...why do I have to be put through this shiz...:tdown:
  4. Ah, at least she can't hold you hostage for positive feedback. She's got a lot of nerve though. I swear it isn't worth the hassle to sell on eBay anymore. It makes you wonder how many people are trolling it everyday, looking for someone to scam.
  5. Bagatella, this is such a horror story :mad:. I am so sorry for your situation. You have done the right thing (send it back to her). Moreover, I believe once the tags were removed the bag was no longer your responsibility. I believe a copy of the receipt was sufficient from your side to help out with the broken chain. I hope the situation will resolve to your benefit:smile:.
  6. Thank you, Praline and bag-mania, for your supportive responses! I have not yet received a response from her, but we'll see...
  7. That really gets me upset. :bagslap:I am going to send good vibes out to you, so that you can resolve this headache. Good luck, honey.
  8. OMG, bagatella, that is awful! I am too scared to purchase, not to mention, sell anything on eBay because of situations like these. I don't understand how someone would have the gall to return a STAINED bag with all the missing bits. That is terrible. I hope that you got a good price at least for all this hassle and heartbreak.

  9. :mad: A major pox on her!! How awful for you, I hope you get it resolved soon. Scammers have ruined ebay if you ask me. I have some great, never used bags I would love to sell, but it doesn't even seem worth it.

    You were super nice to take it back!! Sometimes we get burned when we are honest and trusting, but what other kind of person would you like to be? Hugs :hugs:
  10. That's completely horrid! I hope you can resolve this quickly, hang in there!
  11. Thanks, ladies, for your wonderful support! You have made me feel a lot better. I will take pics of the bag I received and I will send it back tomorrow.

    I am continually amazed by the depths to which people will go to scam. This was a domestic buyer, but imagine if I didn't read the horror stories on the eBay forum here, I might be scammed internationally, which would probably be worse because most int'l addresses are not confirmed, resulting in no protection for the seller.
  12. That is soooo awful! You don't deserve this! Makes me furious to think people don't bat an eye at scamming like this... F'd up! I hope you are able to get some resolve.
  13. Oh my goodness! Why do people think that they can do these things?

    She probably carried the bag around a few times (being way harsh with it, I'm sure) and possibly the chain broke and she wanted you to still take it back or fix it even though it was fully in her possession when this happened. People are ridiculous.

    I hope in the end you win out though and eBay does something. SO unfair.
  14. What a piece of ... :cursing: And this is why I am afraid of Ebay. :hysteric:I do believe though...what goes around comes around.

    Good luck!
  15. Totally agree! What a horrible, dishonest person! Karma will bite her behind big time!!!
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