Ladies that live in humid climates...How do you keep your hair straight??

  1. I getting ready to move to Florida & we will be living near the water. I've spent the last 7 months growing my hair out into a bob which I'm loving. I notice though, that whenever we fly to Florida, especially around the beach, my hair completely changes from what it was in the midwest! It doesn't get frizzy but it waves like crazy. Are there any certain products that help your hair stay straight in these conditions or is it something I just need to learn to live with? THX!
  2. It get's humid here in the summer. I use Aveda Hang Straight and blow dry it on low heat with a paddle brush. I then use a professional flat iron. I then finish it off with a moisture blocking pomade to tame frizzies when the moisture hits my hair.
  3. Thanks allison, I'm going to try those. Can you get the Aveda anywhere?
  4. Aveda is usually sold at their own boutiques and at salons that feature Aveda. You can also order from their website.
  5. ^ Thanks, I figured so.. I don't think my salon carries Aveda. Whohoo for websites!
  6. Ahh! I know.

    My waist-length hair is natually very wavy and coarse and in the summer it gets massively frizzy and horrible no matter what I put in it.

    I have no idea what to do with it and it only gets worse if I cut it.
  7. My wavy hair is frizz-city at least 6 months out of the year since I live in Alabama. The Ojon I commented on in another post helps some when I'm out in the sun alot or at the pool/beach but during the spring it's the worst for some reason. I use Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid with a boar bristle brush and an Ionic hair dryer followed up by a straightening iron/ Sebastian hairspray. It's not a T3 Tourmaline (sp?) dryer though, I would love one of those. When we go on vacation though I just use a good leave in (Ojon) and wear it wavy. The Bumble and Bumble sea spray is supposed to be great at making frizzy/wavy hair hold curl.
  8. It's humid all year round in where I'm staying. I do rebondings to keep it really straight and simply blow dry it after my hair wash. Alternatively, there is straightening creams that you can apply and use a flat iron on top of that.