Ladies that live in a warm climate year round....

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  1. I love the sun and like to have a tan but Im at the point in my life where Im more concerned about the aging process on my face. (a little late in the game Im afraid! but better late than never!) I use a 45 SPF on my face everyday and use the lancome flash bronzer on my face. I still tan lightly on my body using sunscreen ofcourse and the occasional sunbed session (with face covered) what do you all do to keep a healthy glow without all the sun damage? Im not looking for a lecture on skin cancer etc...just beauty ideas to have a glow all year round! I live in the Keys and its just part of my life. I thought about a spray tan but it smells funny and feels sticky! Plus we do not have alot of options of places that do it. Any ideas ideas would be appreciated! Thank you!!
  2. Bronzing Powder (Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder works well for me). But not allover your face, only on places where the sun naturally hits on and then contour your face with it. Will automatically make you look healthier and more defined without really adding much color
  3. Sadly Guerlain makes me kind of orange!! I love it when Im wicked tan but that is what I'm striving not to do anymore. Anyone else with any glowing secrets??
  4. The only bronzer that I have found that does not give me that orange look is Bare Escentuals. I use warmth and they have a new one called a little bit of sun (I think). That works well too. I just hit the areas where the sun would naturally hit.

    I use Laura Mercier mineral foundation in Rich Vanilla. It's actually a nice warm beige color. I'm not sure why they call it vanilla. It comes in several shades. It works very well.

    I believe Laura Mercier just came out with a mineral bronzer. I haven't tried it yet, but I am planning too.
  5. I won't lecture on skin cancer but honesty I've learned to embrace my naturaly fair skin color. It's just way easier than having to worry about tanning all the time. The most "tanning" I do is sometimes I swipe on some MAC bronzer or TooFaced Snow Bunny.

    I guess if I were going to tan I would do the spray tan thing (is it called Mystic Tan?), but I don't know how expensive that is...
  6. I use mystic tan spray tan. When the MTV Real World was here, they had opened a Mystic tan and closed as soon as the show was over!!!! I use BM warmth, along with the Lancome flash bronzer. I have been a sun worshiper for years and this turn around is HUGE for me. SPF is crucial, and I really would love to hear what you all suggest!!
    It really is strange looking in the mirror and seeing a WHITE face!! I have always been a tan girl! Im so proud of myself and know I will be so happy that I FINALLY wised up!
  7. Try Physicians Formula bronzer. It doesnt make ME look orange at all. Good luck!
  8. Is it powder or liquid??? Thanks!;)
  9. I look funny with the terracotta and bronze powders... Too much for my white skin. So to look a touch tanned I use little bronze-gold eyeshadow (yep eyeshadow, it lasts longer and there is bigger variety) where I would normally get a tan, and brush off with my usual face powder.
  10. I like Bare Escentuals warmth too. You need just a little bit so it'll last a long time. It is a loose powder, so that may deter you from trying it.
  11. I use BM now...and I use warmth. I am looking for a self tanner of some sort to wear with the warmth. Thanks!!
  12. I live in Phoenix, AZ where it is always sunny..and summers over 110 degrees.
    I am on the fair side and dont tan. Like you, my concerns are aging! I don't want wrinkles!
    I use bare minerals warmth..but very little since it does tend to take on an orange cast. I have some Laura mercier bronzer which also includes a highlighter to go over the cheekbones. Its nice, because if i use a bit to much I swipe some highlighter over the cheekbones.
    Checkout Smashbox bronzing primer. I hear good things about it on makeup alley.
  13. Powder. Im not sure if they have a liquid...