Ladies support them

  1. They still don't have much on their site, but you may find a little something. It's a small boutique not too far from my area. I was in the store on Saturday and bought my daughter two pairs of 7 for all Mankind Jeans for $90. I wish they would have had more in her size.:sad:
  2. the site looks pretty good, as in it's not choppy and it looks professional imho

    but snow blues doesn't inspire me to shop today

  3. It's a new day!!! Hope you've gotten rid of the snow blues.

    I must say that they are very professional people in person so I wouldn't expect anything less. The ladies in the store know their fashion, but I wish they would display and sell more of their product on the website.

    FYI for anyone who has read this thread....the jeans that I spoke of in my previous post were a size 7 in girls. The same jeans are on sell @ Neimans, but the have them marked up $30 from what I paid. If you are ever in the Indy area, check out their store.