Ladies, suggestion please!!

  1. Should I get a Pochette Acessories or a french wallet or a mono cles?:rolleyes:
  2. Depends; do you already have a wallet, pochette or cles?
  3. none, yet..

    that is why, I am considering of get one or two of them..
  4. pochette!!!!! and Cles!!!!
  5. hm.. you could use the pochette as a bag so i would go for that one, i love mine!
  6. Pochette..cos it is versatile..can carry on the hand or put it in your bag! which series do you intend to buy? monogram? azur? or others?
  7. Monogram, hehe, I just love the timeless design.
  8. MONO Pochette..Love it
  9. I'd go for the Pochette and the Cles :yes:

    If you look at the prices you could get the Pochette (215) and the Cles (150) PLUS a little something for 250 (like an inclusion phone strap :graucho: ) for the price of the French Wallet (615) :idea:
  10. Get the Pochette first ! Such a useful little bag !
  11. pochette!! but which pochette :graucho: azur ? :heart:
  12. French wallet,I love it
  13. pochette and cles :smile:
  14. OMG, French Purse is sooooooooo chic!!
  15. i like the french purse, esp in the vernis! talk about chic!

    but the bag and the cles will equate to the price of the wallet.

    but, me personally? the wallet. it is classy. and will make you so happy just to look at it!